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“This program encourages young artists to make work that engages more than just the eye; to make work that engages us as thinkers.”
Tom Huhn
Student Work
people dancing
A set of warning lights lined up in a row.
Geometric artwork.
An art display of three posters on a white wall.
Medieval illustration of troll punks in a garden. Appears as though they are making balloon animals.
The ragged cloth
A painting of a girl with two front teeth and two black eyes.
Wall art
A sketch of a group of women.
A woman wearing an American flag bikini lying on a bunch of bananas.
Several pairs of nylons tied together and framed in a creatively artistic way.
a quilt consisting of scraps of neutral colored fabrics pinned to a wall.
A gold colored sack in front of a white background.
modern abstract
The flower pot on a lady head
2 old nets hanging on a wall
A painting of a black smear with a few red scribbles on it.
About The Department
  • A program for ambitious students who want to combine their studio art with philosophy, theory and criticism
  • Multidisciplinary curriculum for thinking artists
  • Explore various media and unorthodox art making
  • 69 students, 27 faculty, 38 courses
  • Curriculum at a glance
    • 60 credits in studio
    • 60 credits in visual and critical studies, art history, humanities & sciences
  • 38 courses offered, including:
    • Advanced Projects in Mixed Media
    • Aesthetic Theory
    • Art, Science and the Spiritual
    • Art & Politics 
    • Art in Theory: 1648-1990
    • The Artist’s Journal
    • Art of the Premodernist World
    • Art Writing
    • Artist as Curator
    • Capturing Life with the Camera Obscura
    • Digital Video
    • Fiber Arts
    • Gender Trouble
    • The History and Practices of Perspective
    • Looking Into Music
    • The Lyric Essay
    • Make Your Own art World: Independent Exhibitions, Projects and Spaces
    • Making in Context
    • Media Studies and Criticism
    • Obsessive Painting
    • Painting as Sorcery
    • Printmaking: Etching and Woodcut
    • Theories of Vision and Color
    • Visual Poetics
    • Visuality in Poetry
    • Watercolor Boot Camp

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