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Learn advertising in NYC from a faculty of working professionals and industry leaders.

  • SVA is the best choice for students looking for advertising colleges in New York City
  • Students benefit from SVA’s strong ties to the professional world through both its faculty and alumni
  • Learn effective concept execution through typographic expertise, digital production skill and a mastery of color, line, scale and layout


SVA is considered a primary source of animation talent by the animation industry.

  • SVA is the best choice for students looking for animation colleges in New York City
  • We offer our students hands-on training in the latest 2D and 3D techniques
  • We provide opportunities for internships and networking

Art History

The non-degree Art History Program at School of Visual Arts offers the practitioner a chance to understand the influence that historical perspective has on art—and studio practice in particular.

  • Knowing the history of art is very important to the artist’s development
  • There’s no better place to study art history than in New York City with its abundant museums and contemporary art world
  • Review all art—from the dawn of civilization through the MTV generation


SVA is considered the leading institution for training cartoonists and its faculty is the largest and best of any art college.

  • SVA is the best choice for students looking for cartooning schools in New York City
  • One of the first colleges to offer cartooning, it is now the vanguard for the discipline
  • Become an expert in color and technique, as well as storytelling

Computer Art, Computer Animation and Visual Effects

Learn computer art, animation and visual effects in our professional-caliber labs in our multi-disciplinary, cutting-edge program in NYC.

  • SVA is the best choice for students looking for computer animation colleges in New York City
  • Learn 3D animation, broadcast design, compositing, scripting, video game design and more
  • Production-based curriculum gives students the edge to stand out in a competitive industry


Our Design program focuses on teaching the visual communication skills that will open the door to a rewarding career.

  • SVA is the best choice for students looking for design schools in New York City
  • Our mission is to educate designers who aspire to be professional artists
  • Students will understand scale, texture, symmetry, tension, line, color, tone, balance, contrast, pattern and perspective
  • Multidisciplinary major includes graphic design, interactive design, product development design, motion graphics and 3D design

Film and Video

SVA Film prepares you to be an independent filmmaker with the most hands-on BFA program in New York City.

  • You don’t just study films; you make them – all four years.
  • Your mentors are working professionals using state of the art equipment and technology
  • Your fellow filmmakers are an international creative community who work together to help each other realize their goals.

Fine Arts

There is no better place to study fine arts than at SVA in New York City, the capital of the art world.

  • SVA is the best choice for students looking to earn a BFA degree in Fine Arts
  • SVA offers concentrations in sculpture and installation, painting, drawing, video, printmaking and new media
  • SVA is committed to creating networking opportunities for its students within the larger art and design worlds

Honors Program

The non-degree Honors Program at School of Visual Arts is a challenging program for those artists who seek academic enrichment along with their studio practice

  • Motivated students can apply to the SVA Honors Program
  • This interdisciplinary program unites the liberal arts with studio practice
  • Honors study is augmented by public and private lectures, museum visits and events in artists' studios and theaters—utilizing the many opportunities attending art school in NYC has to offer

Humanities and Sciences

The Non-degree Humanities and Sciences Program at School of Visual Arts offers over 200 courses

  • SVA is committed to providing a well-rounded education to its artists through its offerings in the humanities and sciences
  • We offer English as Second Language courses and a Peer Tutoring to assist international students
  • The Writing Resource Center offers computers, Internet access and instructors for consultation and tutoring


SVA wants to train illustrators to not only be adept at the physical craft but also be expert interpreters and communicators.

  • Successful illustrators must think, feel and illuminate, whether it's their own narrative or someone else’s
  • SVA teaches both the physical craft of illustration and the ability to understand a text and interpret it
  • Students will develop a facility with brush, color, line, form, pastel, pen and ink

Interior Design

Study interior design with a faculty made up of professionals from the top architecture and interior design firms around the City.

  • SVA is the best choice for students looking for interior design schools in New York City
  • SVA provides students with all the latest industry-standard technology
  • Students receive their own working space starting their freshman year
  • Faculty consists of working designers from New York’s top firms


SVA will help you cultivate your signature photographic style that will set you apart, and also help you network to get your career started.

  • SVA is the best choice for students looking for photography schools in New York City
  • Cutting-edge facilities open till 4am; medium- and large-format cameras available for student use
  • Fourth-year students paired with mentors that are invited from NYC’s abundant art scene

Visual & Critical Studies

Interpret art, philosophy and visual thinking in this program for artists who do not want to be limited to one discipline.

  • Unique program for ambitious students who want to connect their art with academic scholarship
  • Seeks to help students develop the ability to understand and interpret the art, philosophy and visual thinking of the past and present
  • Multiple studio disciplines explored; ideal for thinking artists who do not want to be limited to one discipline
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