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An artist's journey can be checkered...or striped, or gaily plaid. The trip can be long and arduous, and marked with highs and lows, but always filled with rewards and authentic; interesting incidents- it's what keeps us all proceeding on the mad paths. 

I am not a diarist by nature, but each time a give a PowerPoint presentation about my work, I become one. The images a picture-maker (illustrator, figurative painter, cartoonist) creates produces a deep parallel universe type impasto home movie...made by hand, one by one, marking moments, like richly colored pebbles thrown into a stream, clearly marking a time and a state of mind. 

The young artists chronicled in this volume have just started on their own arabesque path. Their pictures are the first "scattered bread crumbs," but by having them published here, they become exclamation points in their fresh, pristine visual diaries. 

The images were chosen carefully, one artist at a time, with the help of their portfolio instructors, sitting around a small table last spring, while we spoke of their journeys so far. I saw the stories in their eyes, but they were even more vivid and distilled in their pages and canvases. I hope they will resonate with you as they did with me and my colleagues. 

Please, clear the brush from the path and celebrate with us their first bold strides ahead. Each trip is unique, filled with joy, youth and inspiration. We wish them a bon voyage and safe travels!

I would like to thank the Senior Portfolio BFA Illustration and BFA Cartooning faculty who helped in the selection process: Nicholas Bertozzi, Steve Brodner, Chris Buzzelli, Joey Cavalieri, Marcos Chin, T.M. Davy, Stephen DeStefano, Frances Jetter, Aya Kakeda, Jason Little, Marvin Mattelson, Gary Panter, Carl Potts, and Yuko Shimizu. 

We also thank President David Rhodes for his vision and support of this ongoing document.


Thomas Woodruff


BFA Cartooning

BFA Illustration

School of Visual Arts

July 2017

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