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The great painter, Frank Moore (1946-2013) once said, "The only true responsibility an artist has is to tell the world what it is like for them to be alive!" This mission sounds deceptively simple, as there are skills that must be learned and exhaustive trial and error needed to rise to the level of fluent self-expression. In the "ye olde" days of salon art training, copying was standard. In some conservative ateliers the practice is still employed, but such a regimen rarely prodices a natural voice.

At SVA, the personal approach to image creation is key, and it is only through self-discovery that one can create the platform, or better, sensibility that can be applied to myriad commercial (and not so commerical) artisitc challenges. 

When you look at the images made by the graduating class of 2018, you will notice great variety- in style, in medium and in content. The best works combine these three aspects in an almost alchemical brew that magically and enigmatically reveals each young artist's earnest heart. They are taking their aesthetic responsibilities seriously; they are letting us in on their stores and it is a thrilling thing to behold! 

I would like to thank the Senior Portfolio BFA Illustration and BFA Cartooning faculty who helped in the selection process: Nicholas Bertozzi, Steve Brodner, Chris Buzzelli, Joey Cavalieri, Marcos Chin, TM Davy, Frances Jetter, Aya Kakeda, Jason Little, Marvin Mattelson, David Mazzucchelli, Gary Panter, and Yuko Shimizu. 

We also thank President David Rhodes for his vision and support of this ongoing document.


Thomas Woodruff


BFA Cartooning

BFA Illustration

School of Visual Arts

September 2018

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