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“We have the largest illustration faculty of any school in America—with many different perspectives and points of view.”
Thomas Woodruff
Student Work
There are two people holding blankets around themselves. They are both naked.
two pictures of people
Wrecking ball in lego land
art for games
A black armored knights with blood stains hold swords. A woman in a white dress and a long flowing red cape and crown points.
Hot pink cars with plants attached to them race through the desert.
cartoon of a knight in battle and in real life
Political Cartoon depicting the closeness of Trump and Putin
Portrait of beautiful modern day women
womans hand touching a golden flower cloth
a gallery of picture
two different images of nature
Walking in solitude with your partner
My kids new art
Two rabbits sit facing opposite directions. A woman stands over many rabbits that are in the snow.
Two women on s sandy beach with a line of rocks and a large rock between them.
A school of soardfish swim towards banana trunks and begin to get their snouts stuck.
a man with facial hair surrounded by a pink border, and a man in a hood and leather jacket
About The Department
  • We teach how to communicate graphically
  • Successful illustrators are able to interpret and illuminate ideas
  • Put your own personal stamp on visual solutions
  • 473 students, 69 faculty, 76 courses
  • Curriculum at a glance
    • 72 credits in studio
    • 30 credits in humanities & sciences
    • 15 credits in art history
    • 3 credits in elective courses
  • 76 courses offered, including:
    • Children’s Book Illustration
    • Collage Illustration
    • Costume, Concept and Environment 
    • Cultural Survey
    • Designing Tattoos and Other Emblems
    • Etching and Monoprint as Illustration
    • Fashion Illustration and Beyond
    • From Fantasy to Reality: Production/Concept Design
    • Hand Lettering
    • Illustration: The Genre of Science Fiction
    • Laboratory for Moving Pictures: Adventures in Limited Animation
    • Modern Illumination
    • Not for the Squeamish
    • Novelty Books for Young Children
    • Pastel Techniques
    • Photocopy Zines
    • Pictorial Fantasy Illustration
    • Pop-Up: 3D Paper Engineering
    • Puppetry Workshop
    • Storytelling
    • Surface Design
    • The Gouache Experience
    • Watercolor Techniques

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