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National Conference on Liberal Arts
and the Education of Artists 

We are sad to say good bye, but it has been a long and exciting run: thirty years of debate, discussions, lunches and networking,  keynote addresses and professional growth. Thank you for your attendance year after year, your excitement  and your support.


Below we have provided a synopsis of the Conference. If you have any questions, please contact Laurie Johenning (ljohenning@sva.edu), conference coordinator, or Maryhelen Hendricks (mhendricks@sva.edu), conference director.

From 1987 – 2016, the Humanities and Sciences Department of the School of Visual Arts organized and hosted the National Conference on Liberal Arts and the Education of Artists. This interdisciplinary, academic gathering provided a forum for the exchange of ideas and information about the education of artists. Presenters at the annual conference were artists, instructors and administrators in public and private art colleges, universities and other institutions that have an interest in educating artists. General (open session)  topics  ranged from the role of liberal arts in the education of artists, art students,  teaching strategies and academic areas (e.g., art history, sociology, history, psychology) to art education, administrative issues, curriculum and research assessing the value of the liberal arts in the education of artists.

Focus topics and keynote speakers included:

2016: Why Study Art? Keynote speaker: Mark Salmon.

2015: Art Is .... Keynote speaker: Carter Ratcliff.

2014: What Should An Art School Be (whither or wither the arts and humanities)? Keynote speaker: Andrew Delbanco.

2013: Collaboration in the Arts. Keynote speaker: Bettina Funcke.

2012: Wordimage/Imageword. Keynote speaker: Bill Beckley.

2011: Crossing the Borders. Keynote speaker: Noel Carroll.  

2010: Green, Greener, Greenest: Romancing Nature Again. Keynote speaker: Paola Antonelli.

2009: Visions of War: the arts represent conflict (no specific speaker; multiple panel discussions, film presentations).

2008: Design, the Arts and the Political: images and words that propagate and dissent. Keynote speaker: Steven Heller.

2007: Art Education, Religion and the Spiritual. Keynote speaker: James Elkins.

2006: Reassessing the Modern, Modernity and Modernism. Keynote speaker: Robert Storr.

2005: In the Global World: American Art and Art Education. Panelists: D. Elaine A. King, Daniel Fischer, Dr. Edit Andras, Dr. Janos Sturcz.

2004: Art and Story. Keynote Speaker: David Carrier.

2003: The Educated Artist. Keynote Speaker: David Rhodes, President, School of VISUAL ARTS.

2002: Art Remembers. Keynote Speaker: Barbara Maria Stafford.

2001: The Arts and the Spiritual. Keynote Speaker: Donald Kuspit.

2000: Metamorphoses 2000 Expressive Technology, Art & the Humanities. Keynote Speaker: Jaron Lanier.

1999: How Art Shapes Culture and Shapes Meaning. Keynote Speaker: Dave Hickey.

1998: Rethinking Tradition: Educating the Artist for the 21st Century. Keynote Speaker: Peter Schjeldahl.

1997: Art at the Millennium. Keynote Speaker: Jules Feiffer.


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