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“We’re located in the heart of the art world— our students experience firsthand what it’s like to be a practicing artist.”
Suzanne Anker
Student Work
A sculpture of metal including metal rods and welded flat sheets atop plywood.
There are pieces of something hanging from different clear strings.
The image is looking distinct.
A yellow skeleton of a face.
A pyramid of men in water with a yellow background.
The floral design is beautiful.
half bust art
Small aquarium bowl with plants, including cactus.
Two VW bugs merged together with one on top and one flipped, both sharing the same wheels.
a terrarium
Painting of a woman helping a man.
Newspaper art
Projector in a trunk with a covered lamp nearby.
Two images of a shipping yard being projected in a room.
An enclosed office space which has American flags attached on sticks to the wall.
An art gallery with sculptures.
About The Department
  • Project-based, multidisciplinary learning
  • Concentrations available in traditional and new media
  • Studio work complemented with art history and theory
  • 306 students, 90 faculty, 142 courses
  • Curriculum at a glance
    • 72 credits in studio
    • 30 credits in humanities & sciences
    • 18 credits in art history
  • 142 courses offered, including:
    • The Abstract Image
    • Art and Activism 
    • Body Casting
    • Ceramic and Mixed-Media Installation
    • Digital Sculpture: Designing the Future
    • Ecoventions: Your Art Can Change the World
    • Electronics and Interactivity
    • Embroidery and the Digital Sewing Machine
    • Fur, Feathers and Scale: Comparative Animal Anatomy
    • Food: Projects in Bio Art
    • Japanese Woodblock Printing
    • Metalworking Techniques for Sculpture
    • Painting and Photographic Sources
    • Painting: Out of Your Head, Onto the Page
    • Performance Art
    • Printmaking: Letterpress
    • Printmaking: Monoprint, Woodcut, Linoleum
    • Printmaking: Silkscreen
    • Prometheus Unbound: An Introduction to Bio Art
    • Representational Painting
    • Sculpture Now!
    • Senior Seminar
    • Silver Jewelry Making
    • Soft Sculpture
    • Urban Botanicals
    • Video Installation
    • Visiting Artists/Critics Lecture Series 

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