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“We’re located in the heart of the art world— our students experience firsthand what it’s like to be a practicing artist.”
Suzanne Anker
Student Work
A sculpture of metal including metal rods and welded flat sheets atop plywood.
There are pieces of something hanging from different clear strings.
The image is looking distinct.
A yellow skeleton of a face.
A pyramid of men in water with a yellow background.
The floral design is beautiful.
half bust art
a plant inside an item
Small aquarium bowl with plants, including cactus.
Two VW bugs merged together with one on top and one flipped, both sharing the same wheels.
a terrarium
Painting of a woman helping a man.
Newspaper art
Projector in a trunk with a covered lamp nearby.
Two images of a shipping yard being projected in a room.
An enclosed office space which has American flags attached on sticks to the wall.
An art gallery with sculptures.
About The Department
  • Project-based, multidisciplinary learning
  • Concentrations available in traditional and new media
  • Studio work complemented with art history and theory
  • 306 students, 90 faculty, 142 courses
  • Curriculum at a glance
    • 72 credits in studio
    • 30 credits in humanities & sciences
    • 18 credits in art history
  • 142 courses offered, including:
    • The Abstract Image
    • Art and Activism 
    • Body Casting
    • Ceramic and Mixed-Media Installation
    • Digital Sculpture: Designing the Future
    • Ecoventions: Your Art Can Change the World
    • Electronics and Interactivity
    • Embroidery and the Digital Sewing Machine
    • Fur, Feathers and Scale: Comparative Animal Anatomy
    • Food: Projects in Bio Art
    • Japanese Woodblock Printing
    • Metalworking Techniques for Sculpture
    • Painting and Photographic Sources
    • Painting: Out of Your Head, Onto the Page
    • Performance Art
    • Printmaking: Letterpress
    • Printmaking: Monoprint, Woodcut, Linoleum
    • Printmaking: Silkscreen
    • Prometheus Unbound: An Introduction to Bio Art
    • Representational Painting
    • Sculpture Now!
    • Senior Seminar
    • Silver Jewelry Making
    • Soft Sculpture
    • Urban Botanicals
    • Video Installation
    • Visiting Artists/Critics Lecture Series 

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