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“Our students are getting a multifaceted design education, which opens many doors to the industry.”
Richard Wilde
Student Work
Examples of different symbols, shapes or letters in the shape of snowflakes.
Visual Arts
Square dotted grid used to make pictures.
abstract designs drawn around a grid of dots. 12 different square designs all with different ways of filling the chart space.
a series of similarly styled images set in rows of 3 by 4, each picture is unique
A group a people in a classroom standing behind a table of crafts.
Vintage NYT article with footprint.
Artwork of news coming off the page.
Items in your mind.
This imagine shows the pain of the Nazi invasions and how it fell to its knees.
its  news paper modeling
Old newspaper about the different wars
Front page of the old New York Times front page with polio vaccine test results manually written on there.
arrival of king
A syringe filled with blood resting on a New York Times newspaper with blood spatter covering it and the words "vaccine" and "immunized" highlighted in red.
About The Department
  • We educate designers to think conceptually
  • Focus on branding, advertising, editorial, packaging, UI/UX, and 3D design
  • Fourth-year students’ work reviewed by industry professionals
  • 815 students, 117 faculty, 142 courses
  • Curriculum at a glance
    • 72 credits in studio
    • 30 credits in humanities & sciences
    • 15 credits in art history
    • 3 credits in elective courses
  • 142 courses offered, including:
    • Alternative Design
    • Book Jacket Design and Beyond
    • Brand Identity and Branding
    • Coding
    • Communication Graphic Design
    • Creates a Subculture Using Screen Printing
    • Design for Social Change
    • Design Photo
    • Designing a Business
    • Designing a Phenomenon 
    • Editorial Design
    • Experimental Book Art
    • Interaction Content Creation and Design
    • iPad, iPhone, App Design
    • Motion Graphics
    • Package It
    • Packaging Design: Appetite Appeal Food Packaging
    • Physical Computing
    • Platforms and Campaigns
    • Product Research and Development
    • Prototyping
    • Three-Dimensional Design
    • Toys and Games
    • Typographic Design
    • UI/UX Design
    • Visual Identity and Multimedia
    • Visual Literacy
    • Visual Storytelling: Autobiography Through Visual Language 
    • Website Design + Coding

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