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Bring Your Child to Work Day

Faculty and staff member Richard Hagen helped set up BFA Computer Art's production studio with a Blackmagic video camera for a live greenscreen keying demo at Bring Your Child to Work Day last month. Richard explained the various technologies to the kids and aided in demos of the department's immersive equipment.

Office assistant Nick Dimas volunteered as mocap actor, wearing our motion capture suit to drive a CG character with his movements. The kids then requested Nick do different dance moves and poses in the suit as the CG character moved in correspondence.

Lab Assistant Elizabeth Whitfield facilitated a realtime face capture demo with a Kinect camera. Each child got a chance to live-puppeteer a 3D computer graphic face with their own facial movements using the face capture software.

A mom and children taking pictures in front on a computer screen.
Three children around a laptop that seems to be having a Skype call.
Students gather around to watch a young girl using a virtual reality headset.
Classmates gather around as a young girl uses virtual reality technology.
"It was a lot of fun to see the children excited about what we are doing in the facilities. It was also beautiful to experience the staff and faculty that I see every day, with their families. "
Elizabeth Whitfield

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