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Artists are prone to the oddest of maladies: fits of melancholic moods, moments of deep doubt, swoons of obsessive fandom, and unexpected bouts of "art attack"- those moments of great inspiration, the brilliant "ah-hahs!" that seem to erupt out of nowhere, and outside of one's self. The chiaroscurist craves these moments of high relief of dark and light, and their fabulous flashes of insight. These stigmatic, mercurial moments are always mysterious and unexpected- no matter how experienced or highly trained the practitioner may be. 

This volume is an exciting collection of some clear incidents of "catching the light," bottling lighting" or "art attack." On these pages you will see strong inspirations, pure and unwavering, by the young and truly talented. They have found their bliss with a nib and some ink. 

The art of making comics is time consuming and often tedious to bring to term, and the passionate inception is sadly fleeting. What a complete artist must develop is the ability to harness the discipline and faith to not rely on pure inspiration. They must find the "ah-ha" moments in those bits of micro problem-solving. These picture-making mechanics are mostly unseen, like silk scarves up magician's sleeves, and often not very dramatic. Workman-like acts, done with patience and consistency, become the net that keeps the aerialist from a serious fall. Our faculty of experienced daredevil cartoonists have passed down these skills to the newest generation of comic artists seen here. They deserve our awe and applause. 

Thanks to all the efforts of my entire faculty, particularly the BFA Cartooning Portfolio instructors: Nicholas Bertozzi, Joey Cavalieri, Stephen DeStefano, Jason Little, Gary Panter and Carl Potts, for assisting me in the selection and arrangement of this anthology. 

We also thank President David Rhodes for his vision and support of this ongoing document of our students' achievements.

Thomas Woodruff


BFA Cartooning

BFA Illustration

School of Visual Arts

July 2017

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