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In our overloaded world of vacuformed goods, cookies that track us rather than feed us, and an overwhelming feeling of hectic distraction, it is heartening to know there are comic artists.

Their process is, for the most part, handmade and singular, personal and time consuming.

Comics, at their best, allow us into the mind and soul of another. The time we spend living in each cosmology is determined by us, and not manipulated by corporate focus groups. It is a simple art form with a long history, but is far from being conservative. This generation of young artists considers the practice radical.

It can appeal to a variety of audiences, and subjects can run from the fantastical, to the biographical, to the satirical. The tenets of storytelling must be carefully studied; then gleefully and willfully re-invented, to push the medium forward. 

An instructor recently called SVA’s BFA Cartooning Department a “Utopia”. The term seems apt as the deep commitment and love of creating “picture-stories” is revered by teachers and students alike. The specifics of the task are often hermetic and esoteric, and the sheer difficulty in writing, designing, and then creating each page can only be achieved with the dedication of a zealot.

We are pleased to present our newest crop of the Cartooning elite. They have earned their places in the community with hard, sincere work and serious study. Please enjoy these excerpts and remember their names….because you will be seeing more of their creations in the future.

Thanks to all the efforts of my entire faculty particularly, the portfolio instructors: Joey Cavalieri, Keith Mayerson, David Mazzucchelli, Gary Panter, and Carl Potts, for assisting me in the selection and arrangement of this anthology. We also thank President David Rhodes for his vision and support of this ongoing document of our students’ achievements.


Thomas Woodruff


BFA Cartooning / BFA Illustration

School of Visual Arts

June 2016

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