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“Cartooning is a very powerful and intimate medium—it’s all about passion.”
Thomas Woodruff
Student Work
two girls walking to find something. they have a rock that is feeding energy
Two girls lost in a forest.
A comic strip with young ladies. A strong wind blows over them; one loses a yo-yo, and the other has not lost the stone. They are confused after.
Two girls hiking in the woods discover an extraordinary creature and talk about it.
A tall man sits in a chair facing a woman and a man. A man looms over a cubicle wall leering at man crying in a chair.
Anime genius.
The person drawing the Pokemons is so talented he's has everyone's attention.
Anime cartoon in which main character schemes to make his art popular.
A boy is approached at school for his ability to draw pokemon, it was his plan to receive this attention.
anime comic strip
It's a cartoon of a boy drawing in a classroom setting. He seems to be doodling and thinking about his drawing.
A cat follows some music to find a festival of other cats.
a cartoon of a pumpkin
Black and White Comic Strip
A CDC scientist is researching an anthrax scare. The test results are positive for anthrax.
A perfect place for a romantic date.
The women broke his heart and walked away and the man wanted to die.
About The Department
  • Being a cartoonist is more than a career—it’s a calling
  • SVA is one of the first colleges to offer cartooning as a major
  • We teach both classical techniques and new digital production
  • 177 students, 26 faculty, 35 courses
  • Curriculum at a glance
    • 72 credits in studio
    • 30 credits in humanities & sciences
    • 15 credits in art history
    • 3 credits in elective courses
  • 35 courses offered, including:
    • Animé Wonderland
    • Cartooning Portfolio
    • Character Design
    • Culture and Cartooning
    • Design and Build Comics
    • Digital Coloring for Cartoonists
    • Drawing with Ink for Cartoonists
    • Etching and Monoprint as Illustration
    • The Gouache Experience
    • Hand Lettering
    • History of Cartooning
    • How to Storyboard a Movie
    • Intermediate Digital Portfolio
    • Life Underground/Self Publishing
    • Linocut Book Invetions
    • Perspective
    • Photocopy Zines
    • Principles of Cartooning
    • Professional Practice: Cartooning
    • Still and Moving: Low-Tech Animation
    • Storytelling I: Artist's Books
    • Watercolor Techniques
    • Web Comics
    • Writing for the Comics

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