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“Our advertising students are trained as artists and innovators. We believe this sets us apart in advertising education.”
Richard Wilde
Student Work
Phone App advertisement.
An advertisement for Scrooge, a Chase mobile app, that shows what the display will look like.
A set of books regarding communications.
Child with finger pointing to digital butterfly.
Crayola crayon advertisement.
White Heinz ketchup bottle - Tide add.
Small hamburger being used as a computer mouse
Gillette cactus add
Spidey wants to get buff!
picture of lego version of batman
Man standing in blue robe with his arms crossed on a black background and a punching bag behind him. Text reads: "Downy, Embrace your Soft Side"
These marking is on the road.
Lenovo YOGA laptop add
The Advertisement of TV Shows.
An ad for the "Lenovo Integrated Branding Campaign" which includes pictures from NASA.
Kid technology
A poster of a kid sitting in the floor with a sketch of a piano with guitars.
Three bus stop covers. The first with a photo of the Avengers. The second has ships from Star Wars. The third has Daniel Craig playing James Bond.
About The Department
  • Areas of study include branding, interaction design, copywriting, web design and more
  • We teach how to come up with new ideas
  • Many classes are held at advertising agencies throughout NYC
  • 165 students, 32 faculty, 29 courses
  • Curriculum at a glance
    • 72 credits in studio
    • 30 credits in humanities & sciences
    • 15 credits in art history
    • 3 credits in elective courses
  • 29 courses offered, including:
    • Advanced Advertising: Thinking Beyond the Print...Way, Way Beyond
    • Design for Good
    • Design for Social Change
    • Design in Advertising
    • Designing a Business
    • Differentiate or Die: How to Get a Job When You Graduate
    • Foundations in Three-Dimensional Design
    • Innovation in Advertising
    • Interaction Content Creation and Design
    • Interaction Design: Designing and the Digital Ecosystem
    • Interaction Design: Digital Design
    • MoGraph Essentials: CINEMA 4D and After Effects
    • Originality
    • Poster Power through Screen Printing 
    • Production in Motion: The Advertising Process
    • The Project Class: Webisodes
    • Start-Up 101/102
    • Unconventional Advertising
    • Visual Identity and Multimedia
    • Visual Literacy
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