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​Amy Stein, "Fast Food," 2007, Digital C-Print, Courtesy of the artist and ClampArt​
Illustration by Milton Glaser

SVA Filmmakers Abound at the 2019 DOC NYC Festival

SVA's Doc NYC Preview 2019
Page from The Twilight Man: Rod Serling and the Birth of Television by Koren Shadmi. Image courtesy of Superfan Promotions LLC.
Educator, filmmaker, SVA alumnus and BFA Animation Chair, Hsiang Chin Moe. Photograph by Nir Arieli.
Left: The cover graphic of Jerry Saltz's book How to Be an Artist. Right: A black and white photograph of Jerry Saltz by Celeste Sloman.
​Illustrator, satirist, SVA faculty member and 2019 Masters Series honoree Steve Brodner. Photograph by Nik-Kowsar.​
Image by BFA Interior Design student Hwanil Chang
Images courtesy of Ruth Marshall and Orlando Ferrand​, Jerry Risius, and Suzanne Anker, respectively.
Thom Powers
Debbie Millman's 5 Most Influential Pieces of Typographic Art
​Oliver Jeffers; None So Blind (Those Who Don’t Want To See), 2018.​ Courtesy the artist
SVA poster by faculty member Peter Ahlberg

SVA and Flame Con: 2019 Preview

The BL Comics Anthology Boy, I Love You featuring work by seven creators and edited by The Yam Fam (Emily Forster, Eric Alexander Arroyo, and Kou Chen).

SVA x SIGGRAPH 2019: Bringing the Community Together

Jane Nuzzo, Director of Alumni Affairs; Kull (Seung Y.) Shin (MFA 2000 Computer Art, BFA 1997 Computer Art); Ye Won Cho (MFA 2002 Computer Art); Photo by Star Montana (BFA 2013 Photography)
Left to Right: Miya Osaki, Gail Anderson, and Maryhelen Hendricks
SVA at Annecy

The Write Stuff: Debbie Millman's Upcoming Exhibition on Typographic Art

'Look Both Ways' Features Text-Based Work by 60 Artists

Image still from SVA Archives video

SVA Donates Nearly 100 Subway Series Works to Newly Opened Poster House Museum

Donation Includes Continuous Contribution of All New Subway Series Posters

Yuko Shimizu, Fly Higher (2016)
NYC Pride March. Photo by Christopher Gagliardi
Photos from @WhyIDidntReportIt Instagram account
Carl Titolo

An Everlasting Presence: Richard Wilde’s Legacy Isn’t Going Anywhere

Wilde is retiring, but his influence on the graphic design industry and SVA community is impossible to measure

Richard Wilde
Jonathon Rosen Subway Series Poster
Benita Raphan. Images courtesy of Benita Raphan
Reagan Pinocchio, Washington Post by Steve Brodner
Debbie Millman. Photograph by Nebojsa Babic
Sang Hyock Lee, "Jacob and Esau," 2018. Mentor: Anthony Goicolea, artist.

SVA and SXSW: The 2019 Preview

A still from Sword of Trust. Directed by Lynn Shelton.
Paula Scher works on one of her large, colorful, text-based map paintings
Poster image for Nanfu Wang's film One Child Nation. Image courtesy of sundance.org.
The Seven Deadly Sins by Jen Yoon.
Oscar noms
tiny trump cardboard cutouts lined up against a fence. Image by Nikki Woods.
Kathy Shorr, Bridesmaids Smoking, Brooklyn, 1989
An image of a young Gunars Prande at SVA.
From left to right: Carol Rusche Bentel, Richard Wilde, Gail Anderson

New Year’s Resolutions: SVA Department Chairs Share Their Hopes For 2019


Design for SVA 2019 Resolutions
"The Retirement Purse" by Claire Merchlinsky
"Art Is," SVA Subway Poster by Julia Rothman.

Beware the Culture: Inventing Solutions with Bob Gill, SVA Subway Series Hall of Famer

"The fun of being a designer is to invent a solution that is unique."

Left: A poster made by Bob Gill to mark the moving of SVA from one building to another. Right: An image of Bob Gill

New SVA Books to Gift this Holiday Season

"Holiday Gift Guide: Books Edition"

We've Got The Perfect SVA Gifts For This Holiday Season

Sva holiday gift guide product edition.
Indigestible Feast​ by Giulia Mangoni​. Image courtesy of the artist.

Four Cities, 140 Alumni, 13 days: SVA in Asia 2018

Connections with companies, schools and alumni were highlights

A person standing in front of flowers at a temple in Taipei.
Gail Anderson at the NDA Winners' Salon. Photograph by Scott Rudd Associates.
A banner at the New York Comic Con.

SVA Fall Art Preview: 10 Exhibitions To See

A selection of this fall's best art shows in New York City

A conspiracy-inspired abstract painting by artist Sue Williams.
Pablo Delcan. Photo courtesy of SVA Subway Series Video.
Still image of Kevin O'Callaghan from Joes@Moe's video.
Jerry Saltz, courtesy of New York Magazine and Frieze New York.
Dr. Christopher J. Cyphers- Provost

2018 Emmy Nominations & the SVA Community: Jennifer Fox, Rebecca Sugar & More

Steven Universe, The Tale and more receive some Emmys love.

Jason Ritter and Jennifer Fox in The Tale (2018)
SVA Subway poster art by James McMullan.
Annecy 2018

The SVA Community's Pride Train Subway Campaign: Love Trumps Hate

"We love this city and we all felt like we needed to do something to let everyone know that there are still good people in the world."

Pride Train Poster
PICTURED ARE: Frank Anselmo, Sujin Lim, Taekyoung Debbie Park, Eunseok Park
Maya Lin giving her 2018 commencement speech at SVA.
SVA Subway Series poster illustration by Yuko Shimizu. Yellow background with a person swimming wearing goggles, swim cap and a red and white striped bathing suit.

SVA's Stephen Savage Puts An Imaginative Twist On A Classic Nursery Rhyme With 'Jack B. Ninja'

Savage illustrates the tale of a young ninja in action.

Jack B. Ninja, Children's Book, Stephen Savage

SVA's Gail Anderson Is Honored With The National Design Awards' Lifetime Achievement Accolade

Cooper Hewitt's annual awards bestows our creative director with its highest honor.

old lady in glasses. observe envision inhale entice
A woman with graduation gown on in front of an audience.

SVA Subway Series: Illustration Faculty Chris Buzelli Explains His Process [Video]

Buzelli’s riff on the iconic subway series is surreal and employs his trademark love of animals.

A painting of a giant cat amongst buildings and lapping water from a river

Artist Attire: SVA's Most Stylish Strike A Pose

Looking to update your closet for Spring? Here are inspired looks from SVA's most fashionable.

attractive young woman looking backwards
world upside down

'Design Matters': Debbie Millman Talks Her Long-Running Podcast

The groundbreaking series' 13th season has just begun

Woman seating with her feet up on her desk and smiling
Three people discussing a painting on a wall.

SVA Faculty Member Edel Rodriguez's Fiery and Furious Political Satire

Edel Rodriguez

2 eyeless trump cartoons on white fields and one on a black field featuring "year one" in white.

SVA Online—Enroll Now for Spring Courses

SVA Online Courses

Multiple halved images of stock art.

SVA Alum Jordan Blit debuts Animated Children's Music Project 'Jazzy Toons'

Animated music video channel brings a love of Jazz to a new generation of kids

groovy music

SVA and the Sundance Film Festival: 2018 Preview

Sundance Film Festival

A group of teenagers climbing a fence in a city.
5 people looking forward

New Year’s Resolutions: SVA Department Chairs Pledge To Make 2018 A Great Year

SVA New Year’s Resolutions

This is a SVA NYC Resolutions Yellow Art Banner. It has checkmarks drawn on it.
An illustration of people in winter clothes

Shelf Liners for Your 'Nice' List

A red box inside a yellow box, decorated with snowflakes at the corner.  Inside the red box is written "Gift Guide" and outside is written "SVA Holiday" at the top and "Book Edition" at the bottom.
A painting of fish swimming.
A person in front of creative artwork.
A word to motivate people

SVA's Podcast Pros on Their Favorite Shows

An European male, a Japanese woman and an American guy.
The art of love.
two men talking in a delicatessen

Electric Encounters

MFA Computer Arts Fall Exhibition

A logo for electric encounters against a colorful background.
letters on a ball
A black coffee mug that says "I love NY more than ever."  A white coffee mug that says "I love NY"
mural of satirical political figures
An advertisement for SVA NYC with large blue lettering and two eyes. One with a pink pupil and one with a green.
An older man standing against a wall of paintings.
4 people in a street
group of people some with glasses
full attention
silver balls

SVA Talent on Full Display at SIGGRAPH 2017

A brightly light cartoon of creatures staring at computer screens. Lime green, yellow and blue colors.
Monkey see, monkey do.
a man with glasses a green hat and a beard
a white room with a table
a picture of  a mouse on the wall
A stylized illustration of different versions of a man.
An illustration of a man praying with animals around him.
Two railroad pathways curving in opposite directions
A black and white photograph of a man with glasses.
image of women interlocking hands
A new of way of painting
Two women shaking hands and posing for the camera
a pink baby and a orange baby with yellow hair
Paper butterflies in the night.
A person is on the computer surrounded by art pieces
Woman peering out a window.
A woman wearing an united states flag tank top.
male caucasian face with top of head and chin not visible/cut off against a purple background
a man facing a wall with various designs on it
A woman with blue eyes looks at you.  Only her face is visible.
a group of people in front of a painting
Two people watching three monitors attentively
A gesture for the new people who arrives
please disturb
A long line of balloons.

PLEASE DISTURB: Renegade Art in the Face of Trump

An ad for a sponsored event by SVA MFA Art Practice showing the time and place of the event.
four people 2017 Sundance film festival
A woman's face through the mirror.
Many photos as one. From the 1960s propaganda.

The Future of Interaction Design: #IXDES17

A grouped collage of profile pictures
Horse passing through a rainbow.
blurry vision
Madonna in a hat
a lady looking at the sculpture of Jesus
A man in front of large sign.
an illustration of orange, yellow, red, black and white colors
Women Who Draw graphic art
A cord wrapped around a woman's face.
shopping mall
A man with glasses on
A work that makes the world special
art work of different colors
An illustration of motivational words.
An illustration of a swimmer.
Pieces of cloth in various shades of red white and beige hanging on thin black metallic chains with hooks on a white background.
A crowd of people at an outside mall.
how to fix the art world
A bunch of containers
A person painted onto a wall
Three boxes from Tate's Bake Shop. One black one green and one red.
A pair of eyes with glitters on it
a rock mountain
A montage of photos featuring people with their mouths agape.
person under water
A painting of a tall, strange, house.
A tag with the words Good Housekeeping in white letters on a black background
A black guy and a white one.
man with Mohawk and glasses in all black holding paper
A close up of a woman wearing glasses with her mouth open
Three pieces of abstract art hanging on a white wall. Each of them is light in color with the middle piece having more color than the other two.
chocolate and vanilla soft ice cream cone
A gentleman standing it what appears to be an art gallery
a man and a crocodile
Illustration of a basketball player close to a basketball net. The basketball player is wearing a sleeve on his arm.
The five Olympic rings, one blue, one yellow, one black, one green and one red, with the words Games of the XXIIIrd Olympiad Los Angeles 1984
men looking at advertisement
Hillary Clinton smiling while looking out a window.
A gentleman in a hat and blue shirt is in a large room.
An art gallery with white walls and a gray floor.  The scenic photographs are present.  The left is on a far wall, the center one is the largest and and the one on the right is the smallest and on a corner wall.
pixelate head with blue hat

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