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A Information with colourful and arttestic Arts on the Background
Claire Merchlinsky, Braiding, 2016

New SVA Books to Gift this Holiday Season

"Holiday Gift Guide: Books Edition"

SVA Makers Market Holiday Fair Sneak Preview

The logo for SVA Makers Market

My First Comic Book: Nathan Fox

“It got me through the storm and introduced me to a whole new art form.”

Inside of a "Conan The Barbarian" comic book.
Breakfast with the Twins by Jen Kostman.
A banner at the New York Comic Con.
"Break In Case of Emergency” by Mike McQuade
An image of a man with a pigeon flying in front of him.
The cover of 'The Faithful Spy'
Therapy Sessions by Elaheh Taherian
Witch Boy- A graphic novel by Molly Ostertag
Chun Li by Edwin Huang
Painting by Marshall Arisman
YI WU by Feifei Ruan
Five playing cards on a table with a New York Knicks label.  Two aces, Three kings, all images of basketball players.
people starting a pink propeller plane
Beautiful modern architecture in a green landscape. Family home in a simple brick style.
Picture with pink backdrop and a face with yellow eyes and blue lips.
red skulls
botanical artwork with abstract design.
An illustration of people in winter clothes

Shelf Liners for Your 'Nice' List

A red box inside a yellow box, decorated with snowflakes at the corner.  Inside the red box is written "Gift Guide" and outside is written "SVA Holiday" at the top and "Book Edition" at the bottom.
A painting of fish swimming.

SVA on View at Miami Art Week 2017

A montage of old fashioned ads overlaid with a modernist style of art.
police man on an empty train
red flower made of hands

Bookkeeping: The Art of Artists' Journals [Video]

Small drawings in a journal.
A woman with gels applied to her face.
An older man standing against a wall of paintings.
party all night
"Imagination also ability to form images"
The words dream written on a purple textured background.
silver balls
A redheaded mermaid.
Monkey see, monkey do.
Three trophy figures against a black background.
Woman using two muffins as eye glasses and smiling
Fox holding a snake in its mouth
an egg on a surface with a broken grey substance
cartoon of brown lady with yellow sports bra
People singing throughout history
Two faced woman
Many photos as one. From the 1960s propaganda.
colorful forest
mural of women behind bars and people holding hands
An illustration of motivational words.
An illustration of a swimmer.
A black jacket with covered in words written with neon paint.  Some of the paint has dripped from the letters and is running down the jacket.
A crowd of people at an outside mall.
A man with a canvas in front of him
Cats and dogs are awesome. Happy girl petting her cat
An illustration of a girl in a surreal, dark landscape with friendly looking ghosts and trees
park cartoon view
A painting of a tall, strange, house.
three men speaking with each other
a bull in a white woods
One blue book of Sylvia Plath poetry is on the right. One man dressed in 70s style clothing and other random and unrelated objects.
a woman standing in front of bookshelves lined with books
A lion in naive painting.

SVA Semifinalists in the Adobe Design Achievement Awards 2016

SVA students and recent alumni receive 46 Semifinalist citations

A new art work to impress
Two cartoon characters on an adventure together.
A male and female, looking at something, with an expression of shock, surprise, disbelief on their faces.
Single female in the mist of multiple young white males and females dancing
A pile of animal stickers that are colored black, blue and white.
Man sitting on tower using laptop.

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