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A guy wearing a hood writing on a blackboard.
Marvin Toure, 2016
Brian Finke, "Untitled Backyard Fights."
​Amy Stein, "Fast Food," 2007, Digital C-Print, Courtesy of the artist and ClampArt​
Trish Tillman, "Double Foxhole," 2018, hand-printed denim, wood, tassels, hardware and foam.
Cover for the fall/winter 2019 Visual Arts Journal, featuring a sculpture by alumnus Trish Tillman.
From left: HERness: AIOP BODY NYC 2018, TANGA! built a mobile performance stage which they used to give participants hairstyles, and general makeovers; Roadside Assistant Ergonomic Support Chamber (Critical Condition), 2017; What you see…: Known knowns. Photograph by Jayne Chen/Erin Davis; Max C. Lee/ Markus Holtby.
Left: The cover graphic of Jerry Saltz's book How to Be an Artist. Right: A black and white photograph of Jerry Saltz by Celeste Sloman.

Films You Can't Miss at After School Special 2019

The free film festival that highlights SVA talent

after school special 2019 logo

The Subway Problem: Brainstorming Solutions With Our Graduate Community

Featured in the SVA Graduate Newsletter

An illustration of three people commuting.
Taili Wu (MFA 2009 Computer Art), "Coca Cola – Japan"

Peter Hristoff

Generosity in Practice

a row of framed abstract prints
Installation view of the "Camp" at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Image courtesy the Metropolitan Museum of Art.
Artist and SVA alumnus Katherine Bernhardt in her Brooklyn studio. Photo by Jeremy Cohen (BFA 2014 Photography).

MFA Fine Arts Hosts Exhibitions on Governors Island

See what "Life on an Island" is all about

Heather Renee Russ, Body Exaltations and the End of Land, 2016.

The Future Slips Out

An Interview with Artist Christie Blizard

A woman mask against a rainbow background
Delano Dunn, “Make the Moment Feel Just Right". Image courtesy of the artist and Lesley Heller Gallery, New York

Merve Denizci's Tainted Dreamscapes

An eerie portrait of a girl with wide eyes standing nude in an empty room
Sign painter and SVA alumnus Kurt McRobert paints the cover of the spring 2019 "Visual Arts Journal." Photo by SVA alumnus Brittany Bartley.
Élan Cadiz, Mom 1, 2018. Image courtesy of Élan Cadiz

Catching Up

Filmmaker and Painter Get Reacquainted and Collaborate

a woman is looking at a painting

The New Creators: SVA Talent Shows 2019


2019 SVA Talent Shows logo
Promotional poster for "Let's Talk: Queer Identity and Creativity" by Alexa Cassaro
Photograph by Sam Eisenberg
An image of a young Gunars Prande at SVA.
A detail of a sculpture by Derick Melander made of stacked and folded secondhand clothes.

We've Got The Perfect SVA Gifts For This Holiday Season

Sva holiday gift guide product edition.
Indigestible Feast​ by Giulia Mangoni​. Image courtesy of the artist.

Four Cities, 140 Alumni, 13 days: SVA in Asia 2018

Connections with companies, schools and alumni were highlights

A person standing in front of flowers at a temple in Taipei.
A detail of a sculpture by alumnus Hanna Washburn, made out of her previously worn clothes.
Self-Portrait, 2017. Photograph by Fan Zhang (MPS Digital Photography).
Chun Li by Edwin Huang
Various Project Inc. Key Tags

Talking Instagram with Some of SVA's Most-Followed Alumni

A man wears a glass helmet, surrounded by bees and flowers, in a photograph by Olivia Locher.

The "Cartographic Dreams" of Artist and SVA Alumnus Nadia Haji Omar

New York's Jerry Saltz wrote that Omar's canvases "visually buzz like a hummingbird."

An untitled acrylic and dye painting by SVA alumnus Nadia Haji Omar.

Artist Attire: SVA's Most Stylish Strike A Pose

Looking to update your closet for Spring? Here are inspired looks from SVA's most fashionable.

attractive young woman looking backwards
Beautiful modern architecture in a green landscape. Family home in a simple brick style.
Blue stuff.

New Year’s Resolutions: SVA Department Chairs Pledge To Make 2018 A Great Year

SVA New Year’s Resolutions

This is a SVA NYC Resolutions Yellow Art Banner. It has checkmarks drawn on it.

Shelf Liners for Your 'Nice' List

A red box inside a yellow box, decorated with snowflakes at the corner.  Inside the red box is written "Gift Guide" and outside is written "SVA Holiday" at the top and "Book Edition" at the bottom.

SVA Gifts for Everyone on Your 'Nice' List

logo for Sva Holiday Gift Guide

SVA on View at Miami Art Week 2017

A montage of old fashioned ads overlaid with a modernist style of art.
police man on an empty train
The man with glasses has his hand on his face
The words dream written on a purple textured background.
worried and scared
a white room with a table
A yellow scarf
blue green man in jungle artwork
abstract, watercolor artwork with flowing designs
man in black and white looking down
lots to read
image of women interlocking hands
Woman getting a haircut
spilled milk cartoon
close up photograph of red hook hanger and black and white object with chains
A woman standing next to an Exit 96 Street & 2 Avenue sign
colored rain
symmetric texture consisted of edible sweets in a purple background with turquoise bezels.
A father getting mittens on his young daughter.
contemplative person rainbow art collage
a group of people in front of a painting
People singing throughout history
Young boy dressed in red bending over. A wall filled with artwork is in the background.
Madonna in a hat
A cord wrapped around a woman's face.
A crowd of people at an outside mall.
Confetti on a rug.
An art work reflects the talent of the artist
starving to death
A person painted onto a wall
A street scene with trees and a sign reading PULSE. In the background in a black and white police vehicle.
A pair of eyes with glitters on it
blues eyes
People in building.
"Light is electromagnetic radiation"
red collage of president Reagan and a man holding up a little girl
person under water
A man is fixing a roof.  The roof is incomplete and requires repair.
four soldiers in a helicopter
Lion sculpture facing left against black printed backdrop
A photo of a woman with short, straight, blue hair performing a specific sign for speaking in sign language.
man with Mohawk and glasses in all black holding paper
a woman speaking into a microphone with a black background
A man pondering wearing glasses with white hair.
Four portraits. From left to right, a woman, a woman, a man, and a woman

Adding the Risk of Failure to Artmaking

Kara Rooney on adding vulnerability to performance

A woman trying to paint a wall in black.

Individuals in the Protest: Capturing Occupy Wall Street

Accra Shepp on Photographing a Movement

A person carries a sign that says, "this space occupied."
A man stand in office
wood panel design refrigerators
An art gallery with white walls and a gray floor.  The scenic photographs are present.  The left is on a far wall, the center one is the largest and and the one on the right is the smallest and on a corner wall.
Dog owner
A zebra trotting through a jungle.
Black metallic structure presumably a piece of art in what seems to be an art gallery.

Studio Visits: Meeting Artists Where They Work

A black and blue splattered hardwood floor.
A woman and a man stare into the camera while they stand in front of a white backdrop. There is a hard light illuminating them from one side, casting their faces into shadow.
A corpse full of blood and with broken legs and a white scarf...Looks like Jesus.
a low contrast woman

Making Multiple Careers Work for You

Creative Life

A girl and a t-shirt

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