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Design displays in black and white with yellow highlights.  "MFA Design" overlays the image
The 2019-20 SVA Shuttle. Photograph by Jacqueline Iannacone.
Simone Noronha (MFA 2014 Design), WIRED Magazine Staff portraits
Cover art for HAAN's By the Grace of Blood and Guts, a 2018 Aqualamb release

SVA Donates Nearly 100 Subway Series Works to Newly Opened Poster House Museum

Donation Includes Continuous Contribution of All New Subway Series Posters

Yuko Shimizu, Fly Higher (2016)

Alumni Scholarship Award Winner Combats Pollution With Seaweed-Based Packaging

"Both literally and metaphorically, I am choosing to never turn my back on the power of mother nature."

Sway by Julia Marsh
Best Made Co. store layout.
tiny trump cardboard cutouts lined up against a fence. Image by Nikki Woods.

Escape from New York: More Upcoming SVA Destinations

Renew your creative spirit by breaking out of the grind

A postcard that says "Explore Roman Secrets"

New SVA Books to Gift this Holiday Season

"Holiday Gift Guide: Books Edition"
Breakfast with the Twins by Jen Kostman.
John Creson and Monica Shlaug's "I'mmoral" poster.
"Break In Case of Emergency” by Mike McQuade
SVA Shuttle
botanical artwork with abstract design.
A person in front of creative artwork.
A word to motivate people
A black coffee mug that says "I love NY more than ever."  A white coffee mug that says "I love NY"
The words dream written on a purple textured background.
a picture of  a mouse on the wall
Three trophy figures against a black background.
Woman using two muffins as eye glasses and smiling
Paper butterflies in the night.
SVA NYC outdoor banners
an egg on a surface with a broken grey substance
A gesture for the new people who arrives
Many photos as one. From the 1960s propaganda.
A work that makes the world special
An illustration of motivational words.
A bunch of containers
Three boxes from Tate's Bake Shop. One black one green and one red.
A tag with the words Good Housekeeping in white letters on a black background
flat artwork of man's face

Louise Fili’s Newest SVA Subway Poster Will Make Your Mouth Water [Video]

The designer and Masters Series recipient discusses her latest eye catching creation

paper on table with written words

SVA Semifinalists in the Adobe Design Achievement Awards 2016

SVA students and recent alumni receive 46 Semifinalist citations

A new art work to impress
The five Olympic rings, one blue, one yellow, one black, one green and one red, with the words Games of the XXIIIrd Olympiad Los Angeles 1984
A gentleman in a hat and blue shirt is in a large room.
A pile of animal stickers that are colored black, blue and white.
logo of School of Visual Arts in New York City
The unfolded cardboard case of Brooklyn Lager.

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