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A man painting white streaks on a black canvas.
Kevin Townsend, 2015

SVA Presents Emerging Artists at Miami Art Week 2019

Miami Art Preview graphic
From left: HERness: AIOP BODY NYC 2018, TANGA! built a mobile performance stage which they used to give participants hairstyles, and general makeovers; Roadside Assistant Ergonomic Support Chamber (Critical Condition), 2017; What you see…: Known knowns. Photograph by Jayne Chen/Erin Davis; Max C. Lee/ Markus Holtby.
Beatrice Glow, Rhunhattan [Tearoom], Installation view, Sunroom Project Space, Wave Hill Public Garden and Cutlural Center, Bronx, NY
Indigestible Feast​ by Giulia Mangoni​. Image courtesy of the artist.

Alumni Scholarship Awards 2018: Making the Impossible Possible

66 SVA students awarded $64,000 worth of scholarships for their original projects

Different colored lower legs.
5 people looking forward

SVA on View at Miami Art Week 2017

A montage of old fashioned ads overlaid with a modernist style of art.
An yellow unicorn and a glass shape.
a man with glasses a green hat and a beard
image of women interlocking hands
please disturb
A long line of balloons.

PLEASE DISTURB: Renegade Art in the Face of Trump

An ad for a sponsored event by SVA MFA Art Practice showing the time and place of the event.
how to fix the art world
A pair of eyes with glitters on it
red collage of president Reagan and a man holding up a little girl
A black guy and a white one.
A man pondering wearing glasses with white hair.
men looking at advertisement
An art gallery with white walls and a gray floor.  The scenic photographs are present.  The left is on a far wall, the center one is the largest and and the one on the right is the smallest and on a corner wall.
A collage with a woman's legs beside a newspaper headline
A woman at the city blocks.
a low contrast woman

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