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A naked man painted white sits amongst cutouts of cartoonish clouds. The words BFA Photography and Video overlay the image
Luis Padilla, 2016
Layout art-directed by Annie Jen and illustrated by Kyu-Tae Lee, from the February 2017 issue of "The California Sunday Magazine." Courtesy "The California Sunday Magazine."

Zen and the Art of Analog Photography

A photograph of a couple hugging one another on a boat by SVA student Abbey Gilbert

SVA Presents Emerging Artists at Miami Art Week 2019

Miami Art Preview graphic

What To Watch This Holiday Season

Screen time with SVA alumni and faculty

"Deadwood: The Movie" directed by Dan Minahan (BFA 1987 Film and Video), and "Black Monday," a series created by writer/producer David Caspe (BFA 2005 Fine Arts)
​Amy Stein, "Fast Food," 2007, Digital C-Print, Courtesy of the artist and ClampArt​
Cover for the fall/winter 2019 Visual Arts Journal, featuring a sculpture by alumnus Trish Tillman.
The 2019-20 SVA Shuttle. Photograph by Jacqueline Iannacone.

Exhibition Preview: SVA's "Art and Revelry" in Provence

Rachel Papo Alexander, St. Petersburg, Russia, 2007 (Photography)
Cover art for HAAN's By the Grace of Blood and Guts, a 2018 Aqualamb release
A portrait of Georgia Raddon

Alumni Scholarship Award Winner Portrays Growing Up as a Young Woman of Color

"Always remain true to yourself and your ideas"

​Mayoridad (Coming of Age), 2018. Image courtesy of the artist.
Sign painter and SVA alumnus Kurt McRobert paints the cover of the spring 2019 "Visual Arts Journal." Photo by SVA alumnus Brittany Bartley.
Sang Hyock Lee, "Jacob and Esau," 2018. Mentor: Anthony Goicolea, artist.

The New Creators: SVA Talent Shows 2019


2019 SVA Talent Shows logo

Alumni Scholarship Awards 2019: Supporting Bold and Honest Stories


a man looks over a rocky half wall into a beautiful green hilly area and a bright blue sky.
Zackary Drucker, "5 East 73rd Street," from "Portraits of Flawless Sabrina," 2005 - 2007.
Lorna Simpson, "Ice 4," 2017, ink and acrylic on gessoed wood. Image via lsimpsonstudio.com.
Photograph by Sam Eisenberg
A photograph of an alien-looking landscape, by Luca Marziale.

Art Is Attire: SVA Students Get in Style this Season

A young man in a red leather jacket, black-and-white striped shirt and heart-shaped sunglasses.

New SVA Books to Gift this Holiday Season

"Holiday Gift Guide: Books Edition"
Indigestible Feast​ by Giulia Mangoni​. Image courtesy of the artist.
Self-Portrait, 2017. Photograph by Fan Zhang (MPS Digital Photography).
Amanda Louis. Photographed by Jeremy Cohen
Dr. Christopher J. Cyphers- Provost
SVA Graduation Class of 2018

Talking Instagram with Some of SVA's Most-Followed Alumni

A man wears a glass helmet, surrounded by bees and flowers, in a photograph by Olivia Locher.
Recent graduates and SVA faculty and staff pose before the 2018 SVA Premieres event.
SVA Premieres poster art

Alumni Scholarship Award Winner Ken Castaneda​​​ Examines Latinx American Identity​ Via Mexican Lucha Libre

"The sport is so performative and high action, and held secrets that ... I always tried to unlock."

A wrestler in a mask and a green shirt is doing sit-ups.

SVA Features: Alumnus and Photographer Frank Ockenfels 3 Strikes with Light [Video]

Ockenfels' famous photos have helped immortalize David Bowie, Kurt Cobain, and many more

David Bowie posing in front of a red wall.
world upside down
Beautiful modern architecture in a green landscape. Family home in a simple brick style.

2018 SXSW Conference & Festivals: The SVA Preview

woman deep in thought and a man with a beard

Alumni Scholarship Awards 2018: Making the Impossible Possible

66 SVA students awarded $64,000 worth of scholarships for their original projects

Different colored lower legs.

Shelf Liners for Your 'Nice' List

A red box inside a yellow box, decorated with snowflakes at the corner.  Inside the red box is written "Gift Guide" and outside is written "SVA Holiday" at the top and "Book Edition" at the bottom.

SVA on View at Miami Art Week 2017

A montage of old fashioned ads overlaid with a modernist style of art.
police man on an empty train
Two roads at night well lit with trees surrounding them

Bookkeeping: The Art of Artists' Journals [Video]

Small drawings in a journal.
A red haired women pouring a stream of liquid into her mouth from a bottle of Chanel No. 5 perfume
full attention
Three women, the left one wearing a white patterned dress, glasses and cape, the middle sunglasses, and a black dress plus shall, while the right wears a tan patterned dress and sunglasses
Two railroad pathways curving in opposite directions
Girl sitting alone in room. Two windows behind her with white curtains.
a tiger an Asian lady and a flower  notebook
colored rain
Photograph of a bare abdomen with a scar running from below the belly button up the center of the abdomen/torso.
A father getting mittens on his young daughter.
The girl is holding an item
A black figure with a hole in the center. Part of a woman's face shows through the hole.
A woman with dark hair standing against a white wall.
A woman's face through the mirror.
Horse passing through a rainbow.
Many older women at a beauty pageant
A woman laying down with her hair spread out.
Widescreen image of the front of the Statue of Liberty in fog.
A crowd of people at an outside mall.
A girl in make-up in front of a floral background.
A street scene with trees and a sign reading PULSE. In the background in a black and white police vehicle.
People in building.
"Senior Citizen Concession"
A close up of a woman's mouth where a person wearing latex gloves is putting a slide covered in blue gel on her mouth.
three men speaking with each other
boy in nappy drinking bottle
The old recordings makes you cherish the past
chocolate and vanilla soft ice cream cone
A Norwegian woman in a book shelf.
The writing is of a date
Rugby guys at football.
Letters in orange and a square
naked man with under pants only
"Monochrome describes paintings"
An African American woman laughs.
green bird
banner photograph of a young woman's profile
New York City
A zebra trotting through a jungle.

SVA Premieres in L.A.

Inaugural Film Showcase Brings Students and Films to Hollywood

working together

Expanding Photographs to Examine Memory and Family

Photographer Mischelle Moy's "Branches of the Plum Tree"

A young male pushes a female while walking.
A corpse full of blood and with broken legs and a white scarf...Looks like Jesus.

Check Out These Hats: Serious Style at the Kentucky Derby

SVA alumnus on the ground on Louisville's biggest day

lady in red hat

Earth Not the Right Planet for You? Welcome to Othen.

A New Instagram Project Offers a "safe space for humans"

Smartphone with a pink background
An ox is currently being sheered in a room.

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