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A vibrantly colored poster in yellow, wine red, black and white making a bold statement on the use of BFA Illustration.
Carmen Pizarro, Matador, 2016

SVA Presents Emerging Artists at Miami Art Week 2019

Miami Art Preview graphic
Doudou Liu (MFA 2019 Computer Arts), "Afternoon"

What To Watch This Holiday Season

Screen time with SVA alumni and faculty

"Deadwood: The Movie" directed by Dan Minahan (BFA 1987 Film and Video), and "Black Monday," a series created by writer/producer David Caspe (BFA 2005 Fine Arts)
Page from The Twilight Man: Rod Serling and the Birth of Television by Koren Shadmi. Image courtesy of Superfan Promotions LLC.
Jaedoo Lee (BFA 2016 Design), Friends

SVA and New York Comic-Con: 2019 Preview

From left: The cover of Jerry Craft’s graphic novel New Kid, it is nominated for a Harvey Award for Best Children’s or Young Adult Book. One of the new covers for Nathan Fox’s graphic novel The Weatherman, and Nora Krug’s Belonging, which is nominated for a Harvey Award for Best Book. Image courtesy of HaperCollins/ ImageComics/ Scribner, USA.
​Illustrator, satirist, SVA faculty member and 2019 Masters Series honoree Steve Brodner. Photograph by Nik-Kowsar.​
The 2019-20 SVA Shuttle. Photograph by Jacqueline Iannacone.

Exhibition Preview: SVA's "Art and Revelry" in Provence

Rachel Papo Alexander, St. Petersburg, Russia, 2007 (Photography)
​Oliver Jeffers; None So Blind (Those Who Don’t Want To See), 2018.​ Courtesy the artist
Simone Noronha (MFA 2014 Design), WIRED Magazine Staff portraits

SVA and Flame Con: 2019 Preview

The BL Comics Anthology Boy, I Love You featuring work by seven creators and edited by The Yam Fam (Emily Forster, Eric Alexander Arroyo, and Kou Chen).
Artist and SVA alumnus Shawn Martinbrough and the cover of his upcoming comic, "13:13"

SVA and San Diego Comic-Con: 2019 Preview

From left: The cover of John Hendrix's The Faithful Spy, Luke Cage Noir illustrated by Shawn Martinbrough, and the cover of Aaron Campbell's Infidel
An image of Sofiya Kuzmina for Voices @ SVA
Joshua Hixson (BFA 2014 Cartooning), Jughead: The Hunger (Colors)

SVA Alumnus and Gelato Genius Meredith Kurtzman

Photograph by Jacqueline Iannacone (BFA 2012 Photography)
Jinhwa Jang (BFA 2019 Illustration), Untitled
Katrina Catacutan (left) and Kaitlin Brito, BFA Illustration students and roommates at SVA's 23rd Street Residence.

Alumni Scholarship Award Winner's Book Explores Courage, Empathy and Creativity

"Don’t be afraid to try something new and fail, you’re still young and one failure doesn’t mean the end of everything."

"Little Plum and The Closet" development art by Lian Cho.
"Rhythm Tech Drums" by Robert Pizzo (BFA 1980 Media Arts).
Response art by SVA Alumni and Fulbright Award recipient Julia Volonts.
Jonathon Rosen Subway Series Poster
Sign painter and SVA alumnus Kurt McRobert paints the cover of the spring 2019 "Visual Arts Journal." Photo by SVA alumnus Brittany Bartley.
Reagan Pinocchio, Washington Post by Steve Brodner
A Happy Excursion by Xinmei Liu
Promotional poster for "Let's Talk: Queer Identity and Creativity" by Alexa Cassaro

Alumni Scholarship Awards 2019: Supporting Bold and Honest Stories


a man looks over a rocky half wall into a beautiful green hilly area and a bright blue sky.
The Seven Deadly Sins by Jen Yoon.
Oscar noms
Photograph by Sam Eisenberg
"Art Is," SVA Subway Poster by Julia Rothman.

New SVA Books to Gift this Holiday Season

"Holiday Gift Guide: Books Edition"
Nutcracker and the Four Realms | Poster Art by Erin Gallagher
Indigestible Feast​ by Giulia Mangoni​. Image courtesy of the artist.
Left: An image of James Jean. Right: A painting made by Jean depicting a scene from "The Shape of Water."

SVA Makers Market Holiday Fair Sneak Preview

The logo for SVA Makers Market
Breakfast with the Twins by Jen Kostman.

My First Year: SVA Student Sofiya Kuzmina

We asked some new undergraduates to tell us how they got here and how their SVA experience is going so far

BFA Illustration student Sofiya Kuzmina.
A banner at the New York Comic Con.
"Break In Case of Emergency” by Mike McQuade

SVA and New York Comic-Con: 2018 Preview

Wonder Woman by Phil Jimenez.
An image of a man with a pigeon flying in front of him.
Self-Portrait, 2017. Photograph by Fan Zhang (MPS Digital Photography).

Five Awesome Films You Can't Miss at SVA's After School Special 2018

Spotlighting the high caliber of talent produced by SVA's academic programs

Therapy Sessions by Elaheh Taherian
Witch Boy- A graphic novel by Molly Ostertag
Chun Li by Edwin Huang

SVA and San Diego Comic-Con: 2018 Preview

Marvel Superheroes. Photo courtesy of Marvel Comics.
SVA Graduation Class of 2018

SVA Alumnus Vanessa Germosen Makes Bacteria Fun with Her Germ-Based Toy Line

"Not all germs are bad and out to kill us."

YI WU by Feifei Ruan
SVA Portfolios: Five Most Discussed Projects of May 2018
SVA Subway Series poster illustration by Yuko Shimizu. Yellow background with a person swimming wearing goggles, swim cap and a red and white striped bathing suit.

SVA's Stephen Savage Puts An Imaginative Twist On A Classic Nursery Rhyme With 'Jack B. Ninja'

Savage illustrates the tale of a young ninja in action.

Jack B. Ninja, Children's Book, Stephen Savage

Alumni Scholarship Award Winner Ora Xu Explores Human Struggle Through Surreal Paintings

"I want to visualize the challenges we all face with paintings of ... bizarre fairytale environments."

A dead fix with human-like legs and arms has a string tied to its tail and is lying on top of a pinkish-red background with purple veins drawn throughout.

SVA Subway Series: Illustration Faculty Chris Buzelli Explains His Process [Video]

Buzelli’s riff on the iconic subway series is surreal and employs his trademark love of animals.

A painting of a giant cat amongst buildings and lapping water from a river
Five playing cards on a table with a New York Knicks label.  Two aces, Three kings, all images of basketball players.

SVA Destinations Takes a Walking Tour of Paris Impressionists

The College’s annual series of arts abroad programs contextualizes Impressionism


SVA Alumni Celebrate Their Oscar Wins

shape of water on blue]
Picture with pink backdrop and a face with yellow eyes and blue lips.

Alumni Scholarship Awards 2018: Making the Impossible Possible

66 SVA students awarded $64,000 worth of scholarships for their original projects

Different colored lower legs.
red skulls

SVA Faculty Member Edel Rodriguez's Fiery and Furious Political Satire

Edel Rodriguez

2 eyeless trump cartoons on white fields and one on a black field featuring "year one" in white.
botanical artwork with abstract design.

Shelf Liners for Your 'Nice' List

A red box inside a yellow box, decorated with snowflakes at the corner.  Inside the red box is written "Gift Guide" and outside is written "SVA Holiday" at the top and "Book Edition" at the bottom.

SVA Gifts for Everyone on Your 'Nice' List

logo for Sva Holiday Gift Guide

SVA on View at Miami Art Week 2017

A montage of old fashioned ads overlaid with a modernist style of art.
Innovation advertising photograph
two men talking in a delicatessen
police man on an empty train
guest speakers
A banner for New York Comic Con.
A man looking for the books
party all night
A redheaded mermaid.
Two people in an alley wearing masks, one is in a garbage can and the second is in front of him on the ground.
A woman with pink hair and a blue cat and a bird in a cage all riding in a small blue car.
A stylized illustration of different versions of a man.
A person wearing a blue jean jacket also a white tee shirt with logo on it
a man with a hat with a colorful background
A sign about a high school sinking.
a pink baby and a orange baby with yellow hair
Woman peering out a window.
an egg on a surface with a broken grey substance
cartoon of brown lady with yellow sports bra
Drawing  people of different ethnicities and backgrounds coming out of an dark opening and staring at something above their eye level, yellow is the predominant color.
Horse passing through a rainbow.
colorful forest
Women Who Draw graphic art
tattoo art
An illustration of a swimmer.
A crowd of people at an outside mall.
An illustration of a girl in a surreal, dark landscape with friendly looking ghosts and trees
A street scene with trees and a sign reading PULSE. In the background in a black and white police vehicle.
A very colorful outdoors basketball court.  The floor has been painted with two huge blue and black cartoon heads and the area between and on the edges is painted pink, brown, yellow and red.
A painting of a tall, strange, house.
Film lives here and a face.
cartoon of people on cliff overlooking water
a man and a crocodile
Illustration of a basketball player close to a basketball net. The basketball player is wearing a sleeve on his arm.
The writing is of a date
A lion in naive painting.
Two cartoon characters on an adventure together.
Lonely woman
A mysterious teenager looking at the viewer with a green and orange background.
Man sitting on tower using laptop.

Why Four Creatives Are Making Miami Home

Spotlight: Miami

flamingo girl

Artist Jason Bard Yarmosky on His Loving, Offbeat Portraits of His Grandparents

Portfolio: Jason Bard Yarmosky

OLD Woman old woman in black and white

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