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Rolls of exposed film that have been unrolled and laid flat on a white surface.
Miguel Yatco, Developed & Exposed, 2016
The 2019-20 SVA Shuttle. Photograph by Jacqueline Iannacone.
The Times Square-themed piece featured in the new "Hemlines from Skylines: Architectural Fashion" installation on Madison Avenue.​

Exhibition Preview: SVA's "Art and Revelry" in Provence

Rachel Papo Alexander, St. Petersburg, Russia, 2007 (Photography)
SVA poster by faculty member Peter Ahlberg

SVA Donates Nearly 100 Subway Series Works to Newly Opened Poster House Museum

Donation Includes Continuous Contribution of All New Subway Series Posters

Yuko Shimizu, Fly Higher (2016)

SVA Premieres Screens the Best of 2019 in Hollywood

SVA Premeres
Jinhwa Jang (BFA 2019 Illustration), Untitled
SVA Premieres Promo Image
An image of the School of Visual Arts' Chairousel. Photo by Kevin O’Callaghan.
Photos from @WhyIDidntReportIt Instagram account
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on the cover of Time 100. Photographed by Collier Schorr.
Carl Titolo

An Everlasting Presence: Richard Wilde’s Legacy Isn’t Going Anywhere

Wilde is retiring, but his influence on the graphic design industry and SVA community is impossible to measure

Richard Wilde
Sign painter and SVA alumnus Kurt McRobert paints the cover of the spring 2019 "Visual Arts Journal." Photo by SVA alumnus Brittany Bartley.
Claire Merchlinsky (MFA 2016 Illustration as Visual Essay), "Home Truths"
Richard Wilde's 50th
Speculative Nike ad, designed by Axel Lindmarker. Courtesy lindmarker.se.
Left to Right: BFA Design students Panini Priyesh Pandey, Laney Lynn, and Zuheng Yin

The New Creators: SVA Talent Shows 2019


2019 SVA Talent Shows logo
Paula Scher works on one of her large, colorful, text-based map paintings
Poster image for Nanfu Wang's film One Child Nation. Image courtesy of sundance.org.
tiny trump cardboard cutouts lined up against a fence. Image by Nikki Woods.

Escape from New York: More Upcoming SVA Destinations

Renew your creative spirit by breaking out of the grind

A postcard that says "Explore Roman Secrets"
"The Retirement Purse" by Claire Merchlinsky

Art Is Attire: SVA Students Get in Style this Season

A young man in a red leather jacket, black-and-white striped shirt and heart-shaped sunglasses.

Beware the Culture: Inventing Solutions with Bob Gill, SVA Subway Series Hall of Famer

"The fun of being a designer is to invent a solution that is unique."

Left: A poster made by Bob Gill to mark the moving of SVA from one building to another. Right: An image of Bob Gill

New SVA Books to Gift this Holiday Season

"Holiday Gift Guide: Books Edition"

SVA Makers Market Holiday Fair Sneak Preview

The logo for SVA Makers Market
SVA Students by Bridget Badore

Four Cities, 140 Alumni, 13 days: SVA in Asia 2018

Connections with companies, schools and alumni were highlights

A person standing in front of flowers at a temple in Taipei.
Gail Anderson at the NDA Winners' Salon. Photograph by Scott Rudd Associates.
Stilettos made out of pencils and erasers for the Obsessorize exhibition. Photograph by Andrew Werner.
An image of a man with a pigeon flying in front of him.
SVA Shuttle
Pablo Delcan. Photo courtesy of SVA Subway Series Video.
Still image of Kevin O'Callaghan from Joes@Moe's video.
Elena Woznick. Photograph by Ken Castaneda.

The SVA Mastermind Behind HQ Trivia

An interview with alumnus and app designer Rus Yusupov

A group of people playing HQ Trivia on their phones.
A graphic by Todd Radom portraying Willie Stargell of the 1979 Pirates in his book ' Winning Ugly'

The SVA Community's Pride Train Subway Campaign: Love Trumps Hate

"We love this city and we all felt like we needed to do something to let everyone know that there are still good people in the world."

Pride Train Poster
Recent graduates and SVA faculty and staff pose before the 2018 SVA Premieres event.
SVA Portfolios: Five Most Discussed Projects of May 2018
SVA Premieres poster art

SVA's Gail Anderson Is Honored With The National Design Awards' Lifetime Achievement Accolade

Cooper Hewitt's annual awards bestows our creative director with its highest honor.

old lady in glasses. observe envision inhale entice
studio photo
Five playing cards on a table with a New York Knicks label.  Two aces, Three kings, all images of basketball players.
The people are standing around

Madison Ave's 'One of a Kind' Dresses on View at SVA Galleries

SVA BFA Design students' inventive garments are back on display

Visual artwork of a large group of tea bags

New '[email protected]'s': SVA Library Director Caitlin Kilgallen [Video]

[email protected]'s

A man hold up ten fingers to show a woman in a restaurant.
botanical artwork with abstract design.
An illustration of an eye and hands of a dark skinned person

SVA Gifts for Everyone on Your 'Nice' List

logo for Sva Holiday Gift Guide
A person in front of creative artwork.
A word to motivate people

SVA on View at Miami Art Week 2017

A montage of old fashioned ads overlaid with a modernist style of art.
The art of love.
police man on an empty train
Women's shoes made from pencils and displayed as artwork.
Representation of Alien flora and fauna.

Bookkeeping: The Art of Artists' Journals [Video]

Small drawings in a journal.

My First Year: SVA Student Shuyue Zhang


eyes wide open
A woman with gels applied to her face.
A woman laughing.
Two people standing in a city street with a open fire hydrant.
THIS IS HOW YOU DIE mention and a hand.
A redheaded mermaid.
A  lady wearing a witch hat
A lady smiling.
A woman with pink hair and a blue cat and a bird in a cage all riding in a small blue car.
Three trophy figures against a black background.
clock with black and white
Woman using two muffins as eye glasses and smiling
A person is on the computer surrounded by art pieces
White illuminated numbers on a white device.
SVA NYC outdoor banners
A circle of stub pencils surrounds a large blue star spaced with smaller red stars. Nearby, a red splotch proclaims "SVA NYC" in bold letters.
a man facing a wall with various designs on it
an egg on a surface with a broken grey substance
Black and White rulers on contracting background
cartoon of brown lady with yellow sports bra
People singing throughout history
Man painting on a wall
A man in front of album covers.
colorful forest
A work that makes the world special
A wall of posters advertising movies.
A bunch of containers
Black capital letters in three lines that are stretched out to complete the width of each line.
Three boxes from Tate's Bake Shop. One black one green and one red.
People in building.
A painting of a tall, strange, house.
A tag with the words Good Housekeeping in white letters on a black background
different color cubes
magazine dresses

Louise Fili’s Newest SVA Subway Poster Will Make Your Mouth Water [Video]

The designer and Masters Series recipient discusses her latest eye catching creation

paper on table with written words
The writing is of a date
A lion in naive painting.

SVA Semifinalists in the Adobe Design Achievement Awards 2016

SVA students and recent alumni receive 46 Semifinalist citations

A new art work to impress
fireman with hose and people in background
Two cartoon characters on an adventure together.

Meet Tomorrow's Design Leaders Today

SVA Alumni in 'Print' Magazine's New Visual Artists 2016

The best of people are those good to others
witches of America
A smiling man on a split black and white background.
A child  playing with a dog  in a  desert place
I am a hippo that wears many hats.

Cover Stories: Rebecca Schiff's 'The Bed Moved'

Color Commentary

The Bed Moved. That's what it writes.
A pile of animal stickers that are colored black, blue and white.

Cover Stories: Jane Mayer's 'Dark Money'

Color Commentary

An eagle emblem and a pocket of dollars.
logo of School of Visual Arts in New York City

Cover Stories: Lauren Beukes' 'Broken Monsters'

Color Commentary

A woman portrait with red specks of paint.

Cover Stories: Christian Kracht's 'Imperium'

Color Commentary

imperium decal
Millhauser black and white striped graphic

Behind Kurt Rauffer's Epic Homage to 007 and 'The Empire Strikes Back'

Meet the SVA Student Whose Thesis Film went viral

Star Wars banner for: " The Empire Strikes Back'' movie
A human being silhouette
Man sitting on tower using laptop.

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