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a blue astronaut standing on a blue cake with "BFA Advertising" in white overlaying it
Stephen Cho & Christopher Groelle, Crayola, 2016
Lauren Hom. Photograph by Lauren Ronquillo
The 2019-20 SVA Shuttle. Photograph by Jacqueline Iannacone.
BFA Advertising student Jaewoo Park
A RapCaviar concert photograph, courtesy Spotify.
Photos from @WhyIDidntReportIt Instagram account

An Everlasting Presence: Richard Wilde’s Legacy Isn’t Going Anywhere

Wilde is retiring, but his influence on the graphic design industry and SVA community is impossible to measure

Richard Wilde
Richard Wilde's 50th

The New Creators: SVA Talent Shows 2019


2019 SVA Talent Shows logo

Beware the Culture: Inventing Solutions with Bob Gill, SVA Subway Series Hall of Famer

"The fun of being a designer is to invent a solution that is unique."

Left: A poster made by Bob Gill to mark the moving of SVA from one building to another. Right: An image of Bob Gill
SVA Students by Bridget Badore
SVA Shuttle
Self-Portrait, 2017. Photograph by Fan Zhang (MPS Digital Photography).

Five Awesome Films You Can't Miss at SVA's After School Special 2018

Spotlighting the high caliber of talent produced by SVA's academic programs

Therapy Sessions by Elaheh Taherian
Antony Rush
YI WU by Feifei Ruan

Talking Instagram with Some of SVA's Most-Followed Alumni

A man wears a glass helmet, surrounded by bees and flowers, in a photograph by Olivia Locher.

The SVA Community's Pride Train Subway Campaign: Love Trumps Hate

"We love this city and we all felt like we needed to do something to let everyone know that there are still good people in the world."

Pride Train Poster
PICTURED ARE: Frank Anselmo, Sujin Lim, Taekyoung Debbie Park, Eunseok Park
studio photo

Artist Attire: SVA's Most Stylish Strike A Pose

Looking to update your closet for Spring? Here are inspired looks from SVA's most fashionable.

attractive young woman looking backwards
botanical artwork with abstract design.
A word to motivate people
The art of love.
Innovation advertising photograph
Representation of Alien flora and fauna.
party all night
THIS IS HOW YOU DIE mention and a hand.
White t-shirt.
black and white
The man is walking outside
Woman using two muffins as eye glasses and smiling
colorful forest
An illustration of a girl in a surreal, dark landscape with friendly looking ghosts and trees
Lego shopping bag
logo of School of Visual Arts in New York City
Gap tooth

SVA Students Top Advertising and Design Awards

pencil cartoon

Why Four Creatives Are Making Miami Home

Spotlight: Miami

flamingo girl

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