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Third Annual Art & Activism

Takin' It to the Streets with SVA Continuing Education

Here is the SVA Theatre’s digital marquee, displaying text for the Art and Activism Event.

Art & Activism: MOVE

The MOVE team speaks out on protest, politics, and patronage

A protestor speaks through a cardboard megaphone designed by the MOVE Collective

Faculty Feature: Stacy Mehrfar

Photographing photographs people, places, protests

Here is a photo of a long-haired person looking on at a crowded protest.

Art for All with the Hetrick-Martin Institute and SVACE

Sing for Hope LGBTQ Youth Design a Public Piano

Here is a colorful, painted piano designed by LGBTQ youth.

Peter Hristoff

Generosity in Practice

a row of framed abstract prints

Help Pass the Equal Rights Amendment

Turn your art into action this summer

Here is a photo of a person holding a dollar bill with political observations written on it in marker.

Faculty Feature: Felipe Galindo, Cartoons and Activism

“Feggo” looks at art, cartooning, and culture

Illustration by Felipe Galindo of immigration authorities arresting the Statue of Liberty.

A Photographer Focuses on Gun Violence Survivors

With Photographer Kathy Shorr and "SHOT: The 101​”

Kathy Shorr’s photo of an African American woman covering her face with her hands.

Art & Activism: What’s in Store

With Video highlights from Art & Activism 2017

This is a text-based design that reads “Art & Activism.”

Art and Activism: Andrew Castrucci

Meet the artist and SVACE faculty member

This is a portrait of Andrew Castrucci.

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