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Alumni Scholarship Award Winner Combats Pollution With Seaweed-Based Packaging

"Both literally and metaphorically, I am choosing to never turn my back on the power of mother nature."

Sway by Julia Marsh

Alumni Scholarship Award Winner Portrays Growing Up as a Young Woman of Color

"Always remain true to yourself and your ideas"

​Mayoridad (Coming of Age), 2018. Image courtesy of the artist.

Alumni Scholarship Award Winner's Visual Narrative on Life as a Gay Minority

"There is no better time to break who you are into pieces, and then reassemble them into who you are capable of being."

'The Lightness of Being,' a page from Wang's thesis project titled 'Late Bloomer and Other Stories'

Alumni Scholarship Award Winner's Book Explores Courage, Empathy and Creativity

"Don’t be afraid to try something new and fail, you’re still young and one failure doesn’t mean the end of everything."

"Little Plum and The Closet" development art by Lian Cho.

Alumni Scholarship Award Winner's Film About Sacrifice and Secrets

“You have to make your art first and foremost for yourself”

Poster for "The Quiet," a short film by Mateo Márquez
Delano Dunn, “Make the Moment Feel Just Right". Image courtesy of the artist and Lesley Heller Gallery, New York
Housing Scholarship recipients Chelsea Pitti Fernandez, Make Wen and Bella Miller

Alumni Scholarship Awards 2019: Supporting Bold and Honest Stories


a man looks over a rocky half wall into a beautiful green hilly area and a bright blue sky.
Still of Elastigirl riding a motorcycle with a city backdrop at dusk
Lily Maslanka. Photo by Tyler Kufs
Witch Boy- A graphic novel by Molly Ostertag
Jacob Kaplan
Gerald Sheffield
people gathered around a screen

Alumni Scholarship Award Winner Ken Castaneda​​​ Examines Latinx American Identity​ Via Mexican Lucha Libre

"The sport is so performative and high action, and held secrets that ... I always tried to unlock."

A wrestler in a mask and a green shirt is doing sit-ups.

Alumni Scholarship Award Winner Ora Xu Explores Human Struggle Through Surreal Paintings

"I want to visualize the challenges we all face with paintings of ... bizarre fairytale environments."

A dead fix with human-like legs and arms has a string tied to its tail and is lying on top of a pinkish-red background with purple veins drawn throughout.

MPS Directing Alumni Are Finalists in The Coca-Cola Regal Films Program

Amanda Alvich and Mika Orr are working to win the program's Fan Favorite Award with #ContestJustOneBite

European woman and Australian woman.
people starting a pink propeller plane

Alumni Scholarship Awards 2018: Making the Impossible Possible

66 SVA students awarded $64,000 worth of scholarships for their original projects

Different colored lower legs.
An annoucement congratulating the winners in a computer art contest. There are four examples of the winning artworks.
The art of love.
photograph of young woman with brown wavy hair
A woman with blue eyes and red hair smiles.  A cartoon is in the background.
Woman getting a haircut

Wildlife Along the Israel-Palestine Border

Art Project Uses Surveillance Footage to Spark Reflection

Woman in a tank top and sunglasses looking a bit sad.
An Asian woman standing against a grey wall.

Expanding Photographs to Examine Memory and Family

Photographer Mischelle Moy's "Branches of the Plum Tree"

A young male pushes a female while walking.
Eleven people walking on green field between two white nets

Earth Not the Right Planet for You? Welcome to Othen.

A New Instagram Project Offers a "safe space for humans"

Smartphone with a pink background
The bible and holy water are on the table
Scrabble board on pink background
The pink feather can be seen
A mysterious teenager looking at the viewer with a green and orange background.
black and white photo of stoic man.

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