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Summer housing is available for currently matriculated SVA students and 2019 graduates in our 24th Street and Ludlow Residence Halls.

For students already residing in the 24th Street Residence Hall, or will be for the Fall 2019 semester, we have a summer consolidation policy.  We will try to place SVA summer students with other SVA summer students on specific floors in the 24th Street Residence for the summer session.  If two students (in the case of a double) or three students (in the case of a triple room) request to live together we will do our best to accommodate the requests.  However, all summer housing placement is subject to availability.  A priority application submission deadline of Friday, March 29, 2019 is set to secure same room placement with requested roommate.

*For the current 24th Street Residence, SVA students who apply for summer, should be prepared to move to a different room for the summer session, and be prepared to move at the end of the summer session to their Fall/Spring assignment.

For students already residing in the Ludlow Residence Hall, or will be for the Fall 2019 semester, we will try to keep you in your current room for the summer or place you in your fall room for the summer, to reduce the number of times you have to move.  However, all summer housing placement is subject to availability.  A priority application submission deadline of Friday, March 29, 2019 is set to secure same room placement of current room assignments for current residents of the Ludlow Residence.

Summer Housing Registration will open in mid-March (check back for updates).  Registration for SVA summer housing will occur via our online portal.  All SVA students will receive an "All Concerned" email announcement in advance of the opening of summer housing registration with instructions on how to register for summer housing.

Application Deadline: April 12, 2019, 12 pm 

24th Street Residence Summer Flat Rate




Ludlow Residence Summer Flat Rate
Single $5,000
Double $4,500
  • Flat rate pricing is for the entire Summer 2019 semester. Beginning the end of the Spring 2019 semester and ending on August 10, 2019.
  • 2019 Fall housing residents may remain in their summer housing assignment until their fall assignments are ready. Students who are not residing in housing for the Fall 2019 term must move out by August 10, 2019.
  • Students who are residing in Spring 2019 housing and moving into a new summer building and/or room assignment will remain in their spring housing assignment until their summer assignment is ready. They will be contacted by their Residence Hall Director to move over to their summer assignment. Students must be present and available to move into their summer assignment anytime between May 7 - 26, 2019. Once notified, they will have 48 hours to move into their summer assignment and check out of their spring assignment.  Notifications will be sent via email.
  • Once a student applies for summer housing, they should expect to receive a preliminary email confirmation and notification of their housing assignment within 5 business days.
Cancellations & Refunds
  • All cancellations must be submitted via email to no later than April 26, 2019 from the student's SVA email address.
  • Flat rates will not be prorated upon early move-out or late move-in. Should you decide to depart earlier or arrive later than your contracted date, you will still be responsible for paying the entire summer housing flat rate.
  • After the cancellation deadline, individuals who have applied for summer housing are responsible for the full cost of the summer housing session.
Residence Hall Terms of Occupancy
  1. Summer rates are for full summer only.  Checking out early will not result in a prorated stay.
  2. Residents are responsible for following all policies outlined in the SVA Student Handbook available at
  3. Violations of the rules of conduct outlined in the Student Handbook constitute grounds for disciplinary action, including removal from the residence halls.
  4. The resident will check-in and checkout of their room assignment on the dates established by the Office of Residence Life.
  5. The College shall be authorized at any time to enter the assigned room for health and safety inspections, inventory, and maintenance repairs or to monitor compliance with the College’s rules and regulations.
  6. Quiet hours are in effect from 10:00 p.m. — 8:00 a.m., seven days a week. Common courtesy should prevail throughout the day.
  7. The use or possession of alcohol or illegal drugs or narcotics, or being under their influence is forbidden.
  8. Pets, firearms, weapons of any kind, firecrackers or explosives, or devices with open flames are prohibited.
  9. Possession and or use of cooking and other household appliances in the 24th Street and Ludlow Residences, including but not limited to, heating coils, hot plates, microwave ovens, open-faced electrical appliances, space heaters and toaster ovens is prohibited.
  10. The College shall not be liable to the resident for loss, theft or damage to personal property including artwork.
  11. The Office of Residence Life reserves the right to change a student’s housing assignment in certain circumstances.
  12. Smoking is prohibited in all SVA residence halls. 
SVA Student Roommate Requests
  • SVA Students can submit a roomate request to be placed with another SVA student who will also be staying in summer housing
  • SVA Students can access the SVA Student Summer Roommate Request form here.
  • Roommate/suitemate requests should be mutual, where possible.  We ask all prospective roommates, suitemates to submit requests for one another.
  • Roommate/suitemate requests should be submitted asap or by April 12, 2019, to secure placement with prospective roommate/suitemate.
SVA Summer Student Frequently Asked Questions

General SVA Student Summer FAQs

Q1) When can I apply for summer housing?

A1) The summer housing application will be available in March.  All current residential students will receive an email at their SVA email address about the opening of the summer housing application around the third week of March

Q2) I won't be here for the summer, but can I leave my stuff in my room without applying for summer?

A2) No, only students who have applied for summer housing can have access to the premises and their room.  If you do not apply for summer housing, you'll need to move out by your designated checkout date, May 7, 2019 for non-graduating residents and May 16, 2019 for graduating seniors.

Q3) What is the cancellation policy for SVA students for summer housing?

A3) For SVA students all cancellations must be submitted via email from the student's SVA email address to no later than April 26, 2019 by 12pm.  After the cancellation deadline, individuals who have applied for summer housing are responsible for the full cost of the summer housing session.

Q4) I only need to stay in housing for part of the summer?  Can I just be charged for the time I need to stay?

A4) The summer contract is for the full-term, so your account is charged for the full-cost of the summer housing term.

Q4) My graduate academic program extends past May 7, 2019?  Can I stay in housing until the end of my program?

A4) Students in SVA programs, who have housing housing needs beyond the end of the academic year housing contract of May 7, 2019 need to apply for SVA summer housing for the full session.  Alternately, students can opt to seek off-campus housing accommodations.

Q5) Do I need to be registered for summer classes to apply for SVA Summer Housing?  If I register for summer classes and housing, and my classes get cancelled, do I still have to pay for housing?

A5) SVA Summer Housing for SVA students is open to students who are full-time matriculated at the college, but you do not need to take summer classes in order to stay in summer housing, if you full-time matriculated and cleared as a student.  However, if you register for summer housing and summer courses, and your summer courses are cancelled, you are responsible for the terms of the summer housing agreement.  The housing agreement is separate from any commitments that you may plan for summer.

SVA Summer FAQ for students who are switching rooms/buildings for the summer

Q1) I currently live in the 24th ST/23ST/Gramercy/Ludlow, but will be switching to another room for summer.  When will I receive notice that my summer room is ready for check-in?

A1) We ask all students to remain available and present during the first three weeks of May (May 8- May 24) to be ready for notification that their summer room is ready for check-in.  Summer residents should be prepared to complete their move-over within 48-hours of notification that their room is ready for check-in.

Q2) I have booked a plane home for May already?  What should I do?

A2) When applying for summer, we ask that all residents be prepared and present to move-over between May 8 - May 24.  If you can not be present, you may have to move your items out of your current space because it will be used for summer and notify your RHD when you intend to check-in.  In this case, please email the office, in advance, to resolve/notify of this conflict.

Q3) Why is the window of time so wide to receive notification of my move-over? Why can't I be given an exact date?

A3) Where possible, the Residence Hall Director for the building where you will stay for summer will try to give you the earliest move-in date possible, however, there are many variables are involved, including potential delays in checkout of the current occupant and getting the room cleaned and ready for you with our cleaning vendors.  Because of this, the hall director can not provide an exact date in advance.

Q4) How will I receive notification that my summer move-over room is ready for check-in?

A4) You will receive an email from the Residence Director of your summer building with the date and details of how to check-in.

Q5) Will I be placed into the room that I am assigned to for the coming Fall semester for the summer?

A5) At the 24th Street Residence, we have an SVA student consolidation policy, since all rooms are shared spaces.  We will consolidate SVA students on specific floors for the summer session.  All students at 24th street should be prepared to move to a different assignment for the summer and then move to their Fall assignment within 24th Street during the third week of August.  The only circumstance in which we can place students in their fall assignment at the 24th Street Residence is if two students are living together for the Fall and also apply for summer housing and request one another at 24th Street for the summer.

At the Ludlow Residence, we try to place you in your Fall assignment for the summer (if you are in a single room), but some circumstances may prevent that including the current occupant applying for summer and/or if you have submitted your summer housing application after the April 5th priority placement deadline.  All students at Ludlow Residence, who are assigned to a different room for summer other than that Fall assignment, should be prepared to move to their  Fall assignment within the first three weeks of August.

Q6) Do I need to pack my belongings by May 7, 2019 if I am moving over to another room?

A6) All students who will be moving over to another assignment for the summer should have their belongings packed and room prepped in anticipation of their move.

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