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We do our best to accommodate all suitemate and roommate requests. However, we DO NOT guarantee them. All placements are subject to availability. 

Roommate and Suitemate Requests are only available for the following building and/or room types:

  • Gramercy: All 
  • Ludlow: All 
  • 24th Street: All

If you wish to requeset a mix-gender double room placement at the Ludlow Residence, which is linked to a single room via suite-style bathroom, all three occupants must request one another in this type of matching.

Other Requests: We will not honor other requests such as floor placement or living "near" someone. 

How to Request a Roommate and/or Suitemate

Roommate and/or suitemate(s) requests must be submitted via the SVA Summer Intern roommate request form. Phone or Fax requests will not be considered. Each resident must submit his or her own roommate/suitemate request.

After you have submitted your roommate request, you will be taken to a confirmation page.  Please do not call or email again regarding the roommate/suitemate request. You will receive your roommate assignment when you receive your housing assignment and a courtesy notices of your roommate request receipt with your priliminary confirmation.

Mixed-Gender Roommates/Suitemates

Mixed-gender roommates and/or suitemates are permitted. However, we will not place mixed gendered roommates in an apartment with other roommate/suitemates that are not acquainted with you and your roommate. If ALL of the roommate/suitemates are requesting to live with each other, then your request will be considered. If we are unable to accommodate your request, then you will be placed in a same gender apartment.

Contact Information
  • Summer Housing

    340 E. 24th Street

    Ground Level

    New York, NY 10010

    Tel: 212-592-2984


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