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Student Health & counseling

Incoming Students

SVA Student Health Form

This form is required of all incoming/accepted students that want to enroll in classes at SVA. 

Download PDF 

Students can complete the top half of the form and Step 1-Meningitis Response; a clinician / health care provider must complete Step 2-Measles, Mumps, Rubella*

*We will also accept a copy of a student's health records displaying proof of MMR (2) Measles, (1)  Mumps and (1)Rubella vaccinations in place of Step 2.

The New York State Department of Health Immunization Program has the legal authority to ensure that schools throughout the state comply with PHL Sections 2165 and 2167No institution shall permit any student to attend such institution in excess of thirty days without complying.

Please e-mail the completed form to [email protected] or fax it to 212.592.2216.

Student Health Insurance

All students are automatically enrolled and billed for the SVA-sponsored insurance plan, Cigna PPO

Students who want to remove this charge must have sufficient insurance coverage and waive the fee online only before the applicable deadline each annual year*

*The online waiver for the 2017-2018 academic year will be available June 2017.

Current Students

Counseling Services at SVA

Services are provided are free of charge and are confidential. Our office hours are 9 AM to 5 PM, Monday to Friday. Therapists and a part-time psychiatrist provide short-term therapy. Students may call 212.592.2246, e-mail [email protected] or stop by our office to request an appointment.

If you’d like to speak to a non-SVA counselor during non-business hours, you can text HOME to 741-741 (www.crisistextline.org) or text WELL to 65173 (NYC WELL) or call 1-888-NYC-WELL to speak with a counselor 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Medical services are NOT available at our office. 

Please review the Map of Medical Facilities to locate an Urgent Walk-In clinic or hospital.

Student Health Insurance

All students are automatically enrolled and billed for the SVA-sponsored insurance plan, Cigna PPO

*The deadline to waive/remove the insurance for Fall 2016 and Spring 2017 has passed. If you have your own comparable insurance plan and want file a waiver appeal for Spring 2017, please follow the instructions at this link.

Community Mental Health Resources

A list of therapists and psychiatrists outside of SVA.

Certificate of Readiness Form

Students that left SVA for medical reasons and want to request a return must have a clincian complete this form.

Former Students

Immunization Record Release Form

Students may request their immunization records (the SVA Student Health Form that was sent to our office to enroll in classes) by completing this form. 

Community of Mental Health Resources

A list of therapists and psychiatrists outside of SVA.

Insurance Resources

After graduation: a list of resources to obtain healthcare after your SVA-sponsored insurance plan ends on August 24, 2017.
Meet Our Staff

Christine Gilchrist, MSN, MPH, RN, NC-BC
Associate Director

Christine has worked at SVA for fifteen years. She is an integrative nurse; using a whole person/whole system approach to caring for others. She was a sexual health peer educator in college; majoring in Nursing and minoring in Women's Studies at the University of Pennsylvania. Her graduate degrees are in Community Health Nursing and Urban Public Health with a focus on Community Health Education. Christine is a board certified nurse coach, working with SVA students on setting and achieving wellness goals. Christine also teaches mind/body techniques such as breathing and meditation for stress management.

Edward Rabinowitz, MD

Dr. Rabinowitz came to SVA in 2000 following a career in Addiction Psychiatry. He created and directed a number of clinical treatment programs in NYC and worked with many individuals and their families in recovery from addiction and trained mental health professionals and physicians. He is available at SVA four days per week as a clinical psychiatrist and supervisor. He is Board Certified in Psychiatry. Dr. Rabinowitz feels very committed to his students' development and emergence as young artists during their experiences at SVA and in New York City.

Dr. Rabinowitz also studied at The Art Students League and Parsons and has been painting landscape/seascape watercolors since the mid 1980s.

Mark Howell, PhD, LCSW

Dr. Howell has worked at SVA for 12 years. He earned a BFA from Parsons, worked at several notable galleries, and hung out in East Village dives with various characters including famed SVA student Keith Haring. 

Navah Steiner, MA, LCAT

Navah Steiner has been working at SVA for 6 years. She started her career in the theater and is currently a Licensed Creative Arts Therapist (or LCAT). Her practice focuses on helping students cope with issues relating to life transitions, identity, self-esteem, anxiety and creative blocks.  Navah enjoys her work with the artistic community at SVA and believes that creative expression can contribute to a sense of wellness and facilitate healing.

Jennifer Wilson, MA, LCAT

Jennifer has been a therapist at SVA since January 2014. She practices integrative therapy, combining supportive, cognitive and psychodynamic therapeutic approaches along with mindfulness and creativity to support students in feeling healthy, balanced and successful in school and in life. She is a Licensed Creative Arts Therapist and has a history in both visual and performing arts.

Stella Kim, MS, LMHC

Stella joined the staff of the counseling center in January 2015. Previously, she had worked in both clinical and research settings. She enjoys working with artists and students to provide therapy services at SVA. She also works with the International Student Office to promote workshops and plan cultural events for the international student body at SVA. She speaks conversational Korean.

Matt Lee
Matt schedules appointments for our therapists, processes immunization forms for incoming students and manages student health insurance requests. Outside of SVA, he is a freelances in advertising and design.

Where To Get Your Flu Shot 2016-2017

Through the Affordable Care Act, your insurance covers the flu shot without any pocket cost when you go 
to an in-network provider. 

MedRite is in-network with Cigna. Students and staff with SVA sponsored insurance can get the vaccine free of charge by showing your insurance  card. For those who do not have SVA insurance, the vaccine is available for $20 if you show your SVA ID at their location at 380 Second Avenue (22nd Street and 2nd Avenue).  


Additionally, you can find locations offering the flu shot by contacting your insurance provider, primary care clinician or local pharmacy. To find out more about the flu, please visit sva.edu/flu

Student Health 101 Magazine

For a current issue of the Student Health 101 digital magazine, click on the image below:

Student Health 101

For a student health resource guide, click on the image below: 

Health Resource Guide

What to expect from therapy?

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