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Calculate your financial need.

Use our calculators to estimate how much your program will cost, estimate your Expected Family Contribution (EFC), [definition: The formula used to calculate your EFC is established by law and is used to measure your family's financial strength on the basis of your family's income and assets. The EFC is used to determine your eligibility for federal student aid and indicates how much money you and your family are expected to contribute toward your cost of attendance for the school year.] and estimate how much aid is available to help you meet your financial need.

Estimated Costs for the year

Tuition [ ] =
Fees =
Room =

Direct Total =

Estimated Books/Supplies =
Board =
Transportation =
Personal Living Expenses =
Room =

Indirect Total =


The following form is used to prepare an approximation of your Expected Family Contribution. The results are only an approximation of the Federal EFC figure that is calculated when you file the FAFSA form.

Quick EFC estimator: click here
EFC Result as calculated

New York State TAP Grant TAP estimator (awards are limited to legal residents of New York State): click here
Estimated New York State TAP Grant:

Pick your year:


It seems you qualify for the following:
Pell Grant: N/A
Federal Stafford Loan: N/A
Federal Perkins Loan: N/A
Federal Supplemental Grant: N/A
New York State TAP Grant: N/A

Based on what you qualify for, your estimated balance after deducting the aid listed above is: N/A

SVA payment plan option
The SVA payment plan allows a student to pay their direct costs in monthly installments (5 payments per semester). Your estimated monthly balance after deducting the aid listed above is: N/A

Please note your estimated balance does not include any SVA institutional awards such as scholarships and grants, and alternative financing options such as Parent Loans and private loans.

These calculations are intended primarily as an educational tool, to help students and parents plan for the financial aid process. All results are estimates and require the student to meet award eligibility criteria as set annually by the Department of Education, the New York State Higher Education Services Corporation, and the School of Visual Arts. A Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) must be submitted as well as additional specific, separate award applications.
These results are non-binding and do not constitute an application for admission or financial aid at SVA. Award estimates are based on current funding levels.

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