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The Guide to printing contains everything you need to know about printing in the print studio; helping you get your head around paper types, sizes, printers, all the weird words, phrases, and each step taken to ensure your idea becomes a reality.

So what are you waiting for? Get reading!

General Printing

How to print and export to PDF?

  1. Look for a document to convert into a PDF.

  2. Under the File menu, click the option “Export as PDF.”

  3. Click File then select Print. (Command P)

  4. Under the Printer drop-down menu, select the printer you'd like to choose.

  5. Customize your print job by selecting the correct number of copies, paper size, and orientation.

  6. Click the Print button.

  7. Wait for the Papercut login window. Sign in to release the print job.

For more information, click the research link or you can watch the video below.

How to print Double-Sided?

  1. Wait for the Papercut login window. Sign in to release the print job.

  2. Open the document you want to print.

  3. Click File then click Print. (Command P)

  4. Select your paper size and orientation.

  5. Choose Long-Edge (Portrait) or Short-edge (Landscape) from the Two-sided menu.

  6. If you cannot see the Two-sided option, click the printer at the button of the print window.

  7. Click Layout then click Fiery Features from the drop down menu.

  8. Choose Long-Edge (Portrait) or Short-edge (Landscape) from the Two-sided menu.

  9. Click the Print button.

  10. Wait for the Papercut login window. Sign in to release the print job.

How to Print 13x30 on the Canon C65?

(Heavy Cover Stock)

  1. Click on File Print.
  2. Selct the C65 printer.
  3. Click on Page Setup.
  4. Select 13x30 from the paper zide dropdown menu.
  5. Click OK to go back to the first screen.
  6. If you are printing PDF, click on PRinter.
  7. Click on Layout, and then Fiery Features.
  8. Under Paper Source, choose POD Deck Lite XL.
  9. (If you want double-sided printing. Choose that too!)
  10. Press PRINT.
  11. Log into PaperCut when prompted.

How Do I Log into PaperCut?

  1. Double check that the preview looks how you want your booklet to print.

  2. Launch the PC Client Application.

  3. The PaperCut login window will appear.

  4. Sign in with your SVA email credentials. 

  5. Available funds will appear on the PC Client application window.

How do I reset password?

  1. Go to and click reset password

  2. Enter your SVA email credentials

  3. A password reset link will be emailed to you

  4. This will automatically update your account to the desired password

PaperCut will not open

  1. Make sure you workstation is connected to the internet

  2. Open the Applications folder and search for PC Client

  3. Once opened, you will see the PC Client window and your existing funds on the desktop

How do I refund a failed Print?

  1. In PC Client application window select Details under your available funds Log into your PaperCut account with your SVA credentials

  2. Click on Recent Print Jobs

  3. Select request refund

  4. Fill out form then click send

What do I do if I am charged for a print I did not do?

  1. Submit a refund request through the PaperCut website  

How do I add Monday to Papercut?

  1. Log into your Papercut account

  2. Select Add Credit

  3. Select desired amount then submit payment.

How do I get my $100 on my papercut account?

  1. Visit the Digital Imaging Center main office and speak with our Office Coordinator

    Alternatively send an email to regarding your $100 credit


How to log into your papercut account?

  1. Go to PaperCut Login Window.

  2. Sign in with SVA Credentials

  3. Alternatively, select Details on the PC Client window which will automatically take you to the PaperCut Log In Website.

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