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SVA allows eligible students to receive three (3) studio elective credits for an approved internship. Internships are graded based on the requirements below, and are awarded a Pass/Fail grade. Students may not begin working until their online application has been approved by Career Development and they have been registered for the course (international students must also obtain CPT approval and a new I-20 to begin working). Credit can only be awarded for the semester in which the student interns; it cannot be awarded retroactively. For information on eligibility, requirements, and enrollment steps, see below.

If this is your first internship, you must watch the video before beginning your application.

If you have questions, please first review the FAQs section below.  

Your Letter of Hire from your employer must list your start and end dates, which must fall within the current semester dates. Your Start Date MUST BE AT LEAST 2 WEEKS FROM THE DAY YOU SUBMIT YOUR ONLINE APPLICATION! If it is sooner than that, it could delay your registration and start date even further.  

Monday, April 15th Online application opens on SVA CareerLink 
Tuesday, May 7th: FIRST day students may work (if application & CPT is approved)
Friday, June 7th: Online application closes
Monday, August 12thAll internship coursework due 
Monday, August 26th: LAST day students may work at internship
Monday, August 12th Online application opens on SVA CareerLink 
Tuesday, September 3rd: FIRST day students may work (if application & CPT is approved)
Friday, September 13thth: Online application closes
Friday, December 6thAll internship coursework due 
Wednesday, December 18th: LAST day students may work at internship

If you have questions that aren't answered below in the FAQ's section, or need further assistance, please contact [email protected]


Students interested in completing an internship for credit must meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • Junior or Senior status, or graduate student with permission of their department;
  • Cumulative GPA 3.25 or higher
Application Steps

Once you have determined you meet the program’s criteria and have secured an internship: 
Log on to CareerLink using your MySVA ID and password.  Once logged in, you can view CareerLink video tutorials or download a Tip Sheet, located on the right-hand side of the homepage.

  1.  Complete the Internship Application form with your personal information AND your employer’s information (see the following page for a list of everything you’ll need to know before starting the form). Your employer will later add to and verify their information.
  2. INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS: You will also need to upload your Letter of Hire from your employer. This document is required by the U.S. Government. Details on the Letter of Hire and the CPT Process are outlined on Pages 3-4 of the Student Internship Guide. Have this letter ready when you complete the Application Form online.
  3.  Career Development will review your online application and you will receive an email notification when it has been approved. If there are any problems with your application, we will contact you directly.
  4.  Once approved, your employer will be prompted via email to review and verify the information you’ve entered, including your work schedule, duties, and employer contact information.
  5.  Once your employer has approved your application, you and your Academic Advisor will receive an email notification requesting that your Advisor register you for the internship course. This email will also include the proper course code for which you must be registered.
  6.  U.S. Citizens: Once your Academic Advisor has registered you, you may begin to work. 
  7. INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS: International Students’ Office (ISO) will review your application and process your CPT. Once it’s ready, they will notify you to pick up your new I-20. NOTE: YOU CANNOT BEGIN WORKING AT YOUR INTERNSHIP UNTIL YOU RECEIVE YOUR NEW I-20! It takes up to 10 business days for your application to go through the approval and registration process, and to receive your new I-20, so build this time into your planned start date. Plan your start date AT LEAST 2 WEEKS FROM THE DAY YOU SUBMIT YOUR APPLICATION ONLINE.
Requirements to Receive Credit


  • Participate in the weekly online course by contributing to all discussion posts (undergraduates only).
  • Complete a Midterm and a Final Self Evaluation of your internship on CareerLink.
  • Complete 150 hours of work between the first and last days of the semester; track hours on CareerLink.

    Internships are graded Pass/Fail.  Failure to complete coursework will result in an F.

Q. What is an Internship?

  • Students work in a professional environment and gain hands-on experience while learning directly from professionals in their field of study.
  • An internship is generally a low-risk way to explore career options that you are considering.
  • Internships also allow students to begin building their professional creative community before graduation.
  • Internships may be paid (hourly), offer a stipend (lunch/metro card) or unpaid.

Q. How do I qualify for the Internship for Credit program?

  • Students must have Junior or Senior status; graduate students with permission from their department chair.
  • Minimum cumulative GPA of 3.25 or higher.
  • International students must be at SVA for a full academic year before their visa allows them to complete an internship.
  • Note that some employers require that students earn credit.

Q. How do I find an internship? 

  • Use the SVA online job board (www.collegecentral.com/sva) and other online job boards
  • Tap into your own network (faculty, friends, etc.)
  • Apply directly to employers through their company websites
  • Make a career counseling appointment to discuss your search strategy -- visit svacd.youcanbook.me

Q. How do I successfully pass my Internship for Credit?

  • Participate in the weekly online course by contributing to all discussion posts (undergraduates only).
  • Complete a Midterm and a Final Self Evaluation of your internship on CareerLink.
  • Complete 150 hours of work between the first and last days of the semester; track hours on CareerLink.

Q. Do I have to pay for my internship course credits (3 studio elective credits)?

  • In many cases, students may be issued a Tuition Waiver so they do not have to pay for the three credits. See below to determine if you qualify for a Tuition Waiver.

Q. Who receives Tuition Waivers?

  • Students may receive a waiver for the tuition costs for the internship course under certain circumstances. For questions, contact [email protected]
  • FALL/SPRING SEMESTERS: To qualify, you must either:
    • 1) Be taking 15 credits before the internship; or
    • 2) Be a part-time graduating senior who does not need the internship credits to graduate
  • SUMMER SEMESTER: To qualify, you must be returning as a full-time student or a part-time graduating senior in the coming fall semester.

Q. What is the deadline for?

  • The deadline to apply for an internship each semester is the date by which you must SUBMIT your completed online internship application at careerlink.sva.edu. You must have your internship confirmed by then so that you can submit the application for our review. No late or incomplete applications will be accepted. 

Q. What happens if I find an internship after the deadline has passed?

  • You will have to wait to do the internship until the following semester.

Q. What if I want to change my internship after I've been approved?

  • Notify Career Development of the change, and we will remove your old application. Then, you'll need to submit a whole new application for the new internship.

Q. When can I start working at my internship?

  • Students may begin working at their internship ONLY once their application has been approved by Career Development, and their Advisor has registered them for the course.
  • International students may not begin working until they have received their new I-20 from the International Student Office. 
  • Students may not begin working before the first day of classes of the semester in which they plan to receive credit. 

Q. What happens after I submit my online application?

  • Once you submit your online application, Career Development reviews it and approves it. Once we have approved it, your employer is sent a link to also approve it. Once your employer has done so, an automated email goes to you and your advisor, asking your advisor to register you for the course. At that time, U.S. citizens may begin to work; international students must then wait until ISO contacts them to pick up their new I-20. 
  • Once Career Development and your employer have approved your application, your status goes from "PENDING" to "APPROVED" and you can see this on the Internship for Credit Program tab on your CareerLink home page. 

Q. Do I need to contact my advisor or ISO to tell them to take the next step or confirm my information was received?

  • Your advisor and ISO are automatically notified of your status and will take the next step for you. However, if several days have passed, you can follow up with either office to make sure your information was received and is being processed.

Q. What happens if the dates on my Letter of Hire are wrong?

  • Make sure the start date on your letter of hire is AT LEAST 2 WEEKS FROM THE DAY YOU SUBMIT THE ONLINE APPLICATION, and that it falls after the first day of the semester. Your end date must also not be beyond the last day of the semester. 
  • If your Letter of Hire does not follow these guidelines, your application will be rejected and you'll have to submit an updated letter. This will delay your approval and registration process, your I-20 processing, and your start date.  

Q. Can I get credit for my internship a semester after I've completed the work?

  • No; credit cannot be awarded retroactively. You can only receive credit during the semester in which you completed the internship, and only then if the internship was previously approved by Career Development. 

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