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The equipment in the lab/classroom is provided as a service to SVA students, faculty and alumni.

The lab/classroom computers function mainly to enhance in-house library research and writing. Therefore, they primarily run the following software:

  • Microsoft Office (Word, Excel and PowerPoint)
  • Adobe Creative Cloud 
  • Photoshop Elements at the scanning workstations
  • Chrome, FireFox and Safari browsers


Any changes made to these computers are reset upon restarting.

There is NO EATING OR DRINKING anywhere in the Lab or Classroom. Do not bring food or liquids (even water) into the Lab.

There is NO CELL PHONE USE OR VIDEO CHATTING allowed anywhere in the Lab or Classroom.

Documents may be saved into the Student Folder to keep them temporarily. Anything left on the desktop or in folders other than the Student Folder is erased upon rebooting. The Student Folder is emptied in the middle of each month: it is not a secure back-up. Always make a backup copy of your work on another type of storage media. If you are unsure how to save into the Student Folder or make a backup copy, ask a technology assistant. For your convenience, CD-RWs for backup are available for sale at the technology desk.

The three scanning workstations facilitate in-library image digitization. Some image manipulation is possible through Photoshop Elements. This equipment is sometimes in demand, so a 1½-hour time limit may be imposed.

Two black-and-white printers and a color printer are available for your convenience. The black-and-white printers are not designed for high resolution or layered files. High resolution and layered files of up to six layers should be sent to the color printer. Files with more than six layers will need to be flattened before being sent to print. Computer staff and technology assistants make every effort to assure that all library equipment is in working order. However, we do not guarantee that the results will be to everyone’s satisfaction. There are times when computers freeze, equipment breaks and files are damaged or missing. Library computer staff and technology assistants are not responsible for these events. We will work to the best of our abilities to fix any problems; however, we have somewhat limited resources and delays can occur. Patrons are welcome to bring in external devices (laptops, USB/Firewire storage, cameras, music players, etc.) to use with our computers. Computer staff and assistants can, if needed, assist you in connecting this equipment. However, we do not guarantee that a specific device will work with our computers, nor do we support these external devices.

Computer staff and technology assistants will teach patrons how to use the library equipment, but are not here for in-depth explanations on how to use the software. Patrons who do not know the software are encouraged to consult one of the many software books in the library or take a course in another SVA Department.

We welcome any recommendations or suggestions. Please email your comments to Seth Chang at schang@sva.edu or put them in the suggestion box.

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