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The Digital Imaging Center is a treasury of technological resources assembled in one location, serving full-time, matriculated undergraduate students majoring in advertising and graphic design as well as students registered in classes held in the DIC. 

Part of the creative process is the final output and execution of work. The industry-standard printers and copiers of the DIC Studio provide the electronic and manual tools to bring projects to life.

The lab is closed during the winter break and for two weeks prior to the summer session as well as the two weeks at the end of the summer. Students must pay a summer lab fee in order to use the lab during the summer.

The 24 hours schedule is in effect only during the Fall and Spring semester, Monday through Sunday. 

Summer schedule and operations will syill follow the standard of Mon-Fri, between the hours of 9:00 am and 11:00 pm. Please visit the DIC website, Facebook fan page, or twitter updates for the latest schedule information.


Fall and Spring Hours
Monday – Sunday     
24 Hours                                                   



Summer Hours
Monday – Friday  Saturday  Sunday
9:00am – 11:00pm Closed Closed

ID Cards

All currently enrolled SVA students must have a valid SVA Student ID Card with current stickers to enter any of SVA’s buildings. A DIC sticker is also required upon entering the Digital Imaging Center. Students may obtain ID cards/stickers at the Registrar's office, located at 209 East 23rd Street. Students should get their IDs as soon as possible.  Please keep your SVA ID card with you at all times!

Lab Rules

To follow Lab rules ensures a healthy, safe and productive environment for all of SVA’s students, faculty and staff.  

  • Food and drinks are not permitted on computer desks at any time, including bottled water.
  • The installing of software is not allowed on any of the DIC computers. This causes computer malfunctions and virus outbreaks. Students may request a Systems Administrator to install particular software on a specific machine. Please note this request may also be denied.
  • Smoking is not permitted. In accordance with New York State law, smoking is not permitted anywhere in the building. This includes the stairwells and bathrooms. Students must go outside to smoke.
  • Do not connect, disconnect, or remove any piece of DIC equipment from a computer system.
  • Consult a lab assistant or Systems Administrator if it is necessary to change a system configuration.  
  • Do not print out manuals or long tutorials.
  • Try to conserve paper and save a few trees!
  • Please be courteous when using your cell phones in the lab during free time. Please note you can be asked to finish your conversation outside of a lab room.
Save your data as frequently as you work.

You are responsible for your data. Save your data frequently as you work.

Back up early and back up often. It is advisable to purchase some sort of additional external storage devices to back up your work early and often.

The department is not responsible for any work or data that may be lost either from our regular maintenance or because of system failures, etc. Be sure to save multiple backup copies in more than one place.

Lounge Areas

These shared spaces should be kept clean at all times. Please be respectful of others, the rooms and these common spaces are shared by all in the DIC.

Lost and Found

Items found in the lab will be placed in the Lost and Found, located at the front office.


The Digital Imaging Center is wired with HD security cameras. 

Respect for the property of others is expected at all times. Report any missing items or other security issues to a member of the administrative staff or the security guard on duty. Unfortunately, sometimes thefts do occur, so please be mindful of all your belongings (keep purses, hard drives, and other valuables with you). We are not responsible for unattended items or missing items. 


Students wishing to bring outside visitors to the lab must fill out a Request For Access form at least 24 hours in advance for approval. Visitors will not be allowed access without prior approval from SVA Security Office. Additionally, all guests must sign in at the guards’ desk and provide a current SVA ID and valid form of identification.


Stephen Alvarado
Lead Manager
Digital Imaging Center 5th and 6th floor

Andrew E.C. Gaska
Weekend Manager
Digital Imaging Center, 5th floor

Alexandra Sullivan
Systems Administrator
Digital Imaging Center, 5th floor

Philip Fehr
Help Desk Support
Digital Imaging Center, 5th floor

Viveca Diaz
Digital Imaging Center, 5th floor

Joe Jones
Studio Manager
Digital Imaging Center, 6th floor

Angel Ibanez
Assistant Studio Manager
Digital Imaging Center, 6th floor

Jason Ng
Assistant Studio Manager - Evening
Digital Imaging Center, 6th floor

Kalik Hamilton
Weekend Production Coordinator
Digital Imaging Center, 6th floor

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