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Student Profile: Camille Coy

An SVACE Student Continues

The work of multimedia artist Camille Coy conjures the tussle between an analog past and a digital present. Coy has described herself as a “reluctant Millennial,” referring to an awareness that her generation’s reliance on, and preoccupation with, digital technologies often comes with a sense of alienation. Coy graduated from Brown University with a double concentration in Visual Art and Modern Culture and Media. For her thesis, she presented Simulated Magic (2016), an immersive, multimedia installation that took the form of a sculptural mountain that was augmented by sound, video and light components.

Coy remains a curious and omnivorous artist, scanning the shifting horizon of new media for cues and clues for her work. Through SVA’s Continuing Education courses, Coy has been able to engage with this sense of curiosity and has explored a variety of courses including Animation; Digital Feminism; The Fourth Dimension: Video; Space and the Broken Screen; and Special FX Makeup and Silicone Prosthetics for Film and Television. It was Ofri Cnaani’s Digital Feminism course that led her to participate in City as Site, one of the Summer Residency Programs offered through the Division of Continuing Education. The roving, nomadic aspect of City as Site, which focuses on public performance and interventions, offered Coy a chance to test her live-work in real time and space and collaborate with a dynamic group of artists and thinkers working in performance.

In the summer of 2017 as part of City as Site, Coy presented Simulation of a Hyperreal Cyborg Demi-Goddess, a durational performance staged in the streets of New York City that folded together ideas of femininity, magic and technology. The piece foregrounded Coy’s hope that “users and producers of digital and new media art continue to search for critical and philosophical answers while reexamining the intersections of their own digital and physical lives.”

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