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Faculty Updates: Steve Brodner, Valerie Smaldone, Tirtzah Bassel, Nicolas Touron

New exhibitions and more from SVA Continuing Education Faculty

What have SVACE faculty members accomplished recently? We have exciting updates from faculty members Steve Brodner, Valerie Smaldone, Tirtzah Bassel, and Nicolas Touron, all featured in new gallery exhibitions, press interviews, and more!

Steve Brodner illustrated “Drawing to a Close” for the Washington Post, a veritable panorama of President Trump among his ring of associates and advisors. In the realm of Brodner’s mighty pen, these caricatured figures seem to scheme and fidget under swollen faces, pouty lips, and squinty eyes. This Post feature is the latest update to Brodner’s legacy of lampooning Trump for major publications.

Steve Brodner also illustrated “The Politics of Oscar” for The Hollywood Reporter, tying together Alfonso Cuarón, Stephen Miller, Marie Kondo, and more.

Steve Brodner teaches Pow! The Art of Illustration, an online course.

Valerie Smaldone is the cover story of New York Lifestyle Magazine. Interviewed by Griffin Miller, Smaldone opens up about her early education in radio, founding her eponymous company, and even surviving ovarian cancer.

Of her multi-faceted talent, Smaldone tells us, “There are three elements to my company. One third is talent based: my voiceovers, live event hosting, Voice of God live announcing and acting. The second is coaching and teaching voiceover, presentation, interviewing and media skills. The third part is strategic consulting, where I work with brands and individuals on their media penetration and help them get their brand product or service noticed in front of a wider audience.”

Valerie Smaldone teaches Voice-Over: Inside the Industry - Learn How to Find Your Voice and Voice-Over: Professionally Produced Demo Boot Camp.

Tirtzah Bassel opened “Close One Eye,” a solo show of oil paintings on view now at Slag Gallery in Bushwick, Brooklyn. This is Tirtzah's third gallery show at Slag, following “Rites” and “The Line Starts Here” in 2015 and 2014, respectively. The gallery writes:

"Tirtzah Bassel's paintings are glimpses of life in public that concentrate the politics of space. In the works featured in Close One Eye, the artist renders ideology and power through color and composition with candid, humanistic depictions of everyday actions in shared spaces. Conceived through observation, they reveal their energy through disparate color juxtapositions combined with perspective shifts and figuration that redefine the viewer's connection with the works' subjects.”

Tirtzah Bassel teaches Drawing as Social Practice.

Nicolas Touron will open a solo show at Sculpture Space NYC Projects in Long Island City, Queens. In “Objects and Surfaces,” Touron will exhibit combinations of ceramics and 3-D printed sculptures.

Artist Chris Bors describes Touron’s sculptures: "His porcelain forms rest atop stoneware bases, which become as important as the objects themselves, holding them aloft like a city in the sky. Several bases rise up in reverse conical fashion, while others are complex structures in their own right, featuring detailed 3D-printed biomechanical shapes reminiscent of H.R. Giger’s art or the cyberpunk genre of science fiction."

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