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Faculty Updates: Peter Hristoff, Marsha Trattner, Barbara Segal


What’s new with SVA Continuing Education faculty? How about new exhibitions, interviews, and more? We have updates to share with you from Peter Hristoff, Marsha Trattner, and Barbara Segal.

Peter Hristoff is featured in Hold On, Hold Me at Charles Moffett Gallery. The gallery writes, "The exhibition includes 6 artists who demonstrate a deep connection to community, closeness, awakening and resilience while addressing the complicated circumstances around displacement, intimacy, invisibility, death, and mourning.”

See Hristoff’s silkscreen mono prints on paper through August 2nd.

Marsha Trattner was featured in the news, where she talks about women in blacksmithing, her recent projects, and the classes she teaches here at SVA Continuing Education!

On gender in her trade: “The difference between a blacksmith and a non-blacksmith is much greater than the difference between a male blacksmith and a female blacksmith. It is no wonder that, in many cultures, the blacksmith is relegated to the outskirts of town."

On her SVACE classes: "The studio atmosphere is cozy and relatable, and the weekly classes give people time to gain skills, experiment, and develop personal work. Some people take the class multiple semesters so they can continue to develop their blacksmithing skills and create more amazing artwork as well as functional metal objects."

Barbara Segal gave a talk for TEDxPenn, covering the ways Renaissance techniques relate to creativity. She recounts her early training in Paris and Carrara. “It was these artisans who created the skills that passed from generation to generation.”

Segal describes how Tuscany’s striped cathedrals inspired her design for a bra-shaped stone sculpture, commissioned by Victoria’s Secret. She used Renaissance techniques to cut, laminate, and even overlay the stones for a laced surface. And her ongoing series of Birkin-bag sculptures are based on historic temples and churches, which she visited during her travels throughout Italy.

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