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Faculty Updates


What have SVACE faculty members been up to? We have exciting updates from course instructors Matt Rota, Caroline Woolard, Peter Hristoff, and Ilene Strizver!

Matt Rota published a new book! The French edition of his book, Pencil Art Workshop is out now, published in English by Rockport, and in French by Eyrolles. The book includes the work of Isaac Pelepko, Peter Oumanski, Benoit Guillaume, Anand Radhakrishnan, and several others.

Caroline Woolard is opening a major exhibition in three parts, made in collaboration with Helen Lee, Lika Volkova, and Alexander Rosenberg. The exhibition, Carried on Both Sides, opens on November 4th at Lesley Heller Workspace, New York City. Caroline, who teaches Emergent Art Worlds: Alternatives to the Gallery System, writes the following:

"The organizing insistence of Carried on Both Sides is that imperial forms long outlive the empire from which they were generated. The project is about the imperial history of the @ symbol. The @ symbol comes from a graphic representation of a Roman vessel, the amphora, written as an abbreviated 'a' with a flourished tail surrounding it. Originally used as containers to transport tributes from the periphery back to Rome, amphorae conveyed goods like olive oil, grains and other remittances."

Caroline is featured in the PBS / Art21 documentary made about the process of making Carried on Both Sides.

Peter Hristoff is included in Club 57: Film, Performance, and Art in the East Village 1978-1983 at MoMA, the Museum of Modern Art. The exhibition, now open, has been curated by Ron Magliozzi and Sophie Cavoulacos of the Department of Film, MoMA. A fully illustrated catalog is available. According to MoMA:

"Club 57 (1978–83) began as a no-budget venue for music and film exhibitions, and quickly took pride of place in a constellation of countercultural venues in downtown New York fueled by low rents, the Reagan presidency, and the desire to experiment with new modes of art, performance, fashion, music, and exhibition. A center of creative activity in the East Village, Club 57 is said to have influenced virtually every club that came in its wake."

Hristoff's gallery, C.A.M. Galeri, writes, "Hristoff exhibits silkscreen prints on foreign language newspapers, created in 1979, which were anonymously posted in the East Village of New York and around the campus of the School of Visual Arts, where he was a student at that time. These early works reflect an interest in anonymity and street art clearly influenced by graffiti but already suggesting a refinement and social consciousness that would be apparent in Hristoff's later works."

"Also on exhibit is Hristoff's drawing Hand Job, 1981, made for an erotic art exhibition at Club 57, organized by Keith Haring. This early work, using the body as a template, is a technique the artist has used in both paintings and drawings throughout his career."

Read more about Peter Hristoff and Club 57 at SVA's Visual and Critical Studies blog.

Ilene Strizver, who teaches Gourmet Typography, continues her series of features for CreativePro. For her latest update, she writes about and interviews typography legend Louise Fili. They discuss Fili's memories of type and lettering, her influences, switching from mechanical to digital production, and of course - advice for students. Check it out here.

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