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Faculty Updates


What have SVACE faculty members been up to? We have exciting updates from course instructors Lorenzo Triburgo, Steve Brodner, Jade Doskow, and Natalya Balnova!

Lorenzo Triburgo, who teaches the course "#GenderSexPhoto," presented "Policing Gender," a solo exhibition at Bureau of General Services, Queer Division (BGSQD). BGSQD is a bookstore, gallery, and event space located in the LGBT Center. "Policing Gender" is an installation of photographs functioning as "abstract metaphors on absence and imprisonment" and audio recordings of LGBTQ prisoners with a focus on "service of prison abolition as a crucial queer issue."

Lorenzo also opened up about "Policing Gender" in an excellent interview with NOMOREPOTLUCKS. He discusses ways to embrace photography while maintaining a queer sensibility and sensitivity to the problematic history of the medium: " In order to move queer politics forward through photographic art it is imperative to acknowledge the connotations of the medium–and this is where it gets exciting–only by undermining its role in perpetuating oppression can it be one of our best tools."

He also discusses why audio recordings of his project's participants were more suitable than photography portraits: "When I began 'Policing Gender,' dominant culture was eager to consume and profit from images of trans people. Here, I am creating a lack — refusing to supply that ‘presence.’ The viewer won’t be able to get a rise out of seeing my pen pals in their most vulnerable state. I’m challenging photography as a medium that lends itself to voyeurism and surveillance.

Steve Brodner illustrated the "Horsemen of the Trumpocalypse" for The Nation Magazine, in a feature accompanying John Nichols' book of the same title. This feature follows "Backfire," another recent illustration for The Nation, which envisions one infamous quote spoken by Trump during his 2016 campaign.

Study with Steve in "Illustration: Rules of the Road" and "Pow! The Art of Politics: Creating Art That Packs a Punch."

Jade Doskow's Lost Utopias books and photo series is featured at Dezeen. She describes the project as, "a cross-disciplinary extravaganza encapsulating science, industry, art, architecture, as well as the historical and cultural frameworks in which each past fair had happened, which influenced the specific context in which everything was constructed and conceived in regards to technology, race, and design."

Jade's work also appeared at It's Nice That, which writes, "Jade’s style feels honest, simply documenting the sites as she sees them, allowing the fantastical structures to speak for themselves, making sure she offers glimpses into their stories." And the blog Ain't Bad also features text and images for Lost Utopias.

Get to know Jade in her upcoming courses, "NYC's Iconic Architecture" and "Portfolio Workshop: Landscapes and the Built Environment."

Natalya Balnova shared ideas in an interview with American Illustration's DART series. She discussed her current work and influences, and noted, "In the long run, all of my influences are like a big kaleidoscope of emotions and ideas which has built up my inner self." Learn more about Natalya in her new course, "Hand Lettering and Design."

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