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Faculty Updates


What have SVACE faculty members been up to? We have exciting updates from faculty members Natalya Balnova and Viktor Koen. Both of them contributed illustrations this week to the Wall Street Journal!

Natalya Balnova’s artwork illustrates "The Words That Can Signal You’re Depressed," an article about language patterns and depression. Her illustration combines images of environmental stressors, like a barking dog and a traffic jam. Interwoven between these images, and in her signature, handdrawn text, are sentences bearing the words often used by depressed individuals, like “This always happens to me.”

On a lighter note, Natalya’s work was recently featured here at SVA. Thus, students are in for a treat in her summer course, “Hand Lettering and Design,” currently underway!

Viktor Koen illustrates "WSJ Top 25 Tech Companies to Watch 2018“ with a dazzling digital collage combing symbols of currency and technological frontiers. As he describes it on his blog, “Attic Child,” the concept is this: "Feature Illustration for the Wall Street Journal Reports section on the hottest technology. Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and Cybersecurity startups dominate 2018 tech companies to watch list. The key to success becomes less and less tangible. Keyhole remains the same.

Viktor is also exhibiting artwork in the Athens Photo Festival, and his illustrations have been featured in numerous publications, including Nature Magazine, Enterpreneur Magazine and more. See updates from Viktor on Twitter.

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