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Edward M. Gómez of Hyperallergic writes about Melvin Way: The Cocaine Files Dossier (1989-2017), curated by Andrew Castrucci, painting faculty member here at SVACE. Melvin Way, a legend of so-called “outsider art,” attended classes Castrucci led at Ward’s Island. "Castrucci and Way began what would become a decades-long friendship and creative dialog marked by ongoing conversations about science, art, history, and nature,” Gómez writes.

According to Castrucci, “Melvin was very paranoid but he began showing me secret formulas he had devised and had not shown to anyone else. Sensing his interests, later I brought him a copy of Leonardo da Vinci’s notebooks, along with books of maps and medieval diagrams, and he was fascinated by such material. On his own, too, he already was interested in alchemy, chemistry, cosmology, and other subjects he had been exploring and bringing together in his thinking and his art.”

We’ve previously featured Andrew Castrucci’s work with Melvin Way; see those blog posts here.

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