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ContinuEd Project Space: Sabrina Puppin


Visit our ContinuEd Project Space, where we are pleased to present an exhibition of paintings by Sabrina Puppin, who is a recent SVACE Fine Arts student of Sung Jin Joi. This show will be on view throughout June in our exhibition spaces located at 209 East 23rd Street and 380 2nd Ave, 8th floor.

Ms. Puppin writes:

"Recently inspired by the poem’s words from Kokin Wakashu, a tenth century Japanese anthology of poems, I linger to investigate my observation and swivel perception of reality.

This world of ours
Is it real or are we dreaming
Dream or real I cannot say
It exists yet is not there

I depict a visionary world, defined by fluid and vivid colors where the world as known dematerializes and the underlying spatial relationships disappear. Attempting to eliminate any recognizable form and using media that eliminates any visible intervention of the human hand, I suggest that reality and perception are two sides of the same coin in the way they interweave and coexist; as perception arises uniquely for each individual who is observing part of reality. The visual content of the work, through intricate details and hyper-colorful, shining, and overwhelming abstract arrangements, causes every person to perceive it differently, although the underlying substance of the work is the same. The paintings intend first to overwhelm the viewer and then to draw the viewer closer with their unpredictable optical effects, driving the eyes into a sense of distorted reality in which to live in."

Many internationally renowned venues have showcased Sabrina Puppin’s work, including SHIM/Arthelix Gallery and the Lobby Gallery (Durst Organization/Chashama) in New York, Satellite Art Show in Miami, and galleries and museums in Qatar, Germany, Russia, China, Israel and India. Puppin’s work was selected for the 2018 national juried art show COLOR by the juror Marcela Guerrero, Assistant Curator at the Whitney Museum of American Art; Puppin was guest artist at the celebration of the 300th anniversary of the founding of Saint Petersburg, Russia and she exhibited her work at the Gorohovaya 6 Gallery. She has exhibited twice at the Lalit Kala Academy, New Delhi; India’s government-run national academy of fine arts. Puppin is the recipient of several prestigious residencies. She was selected as Artist-in-Residence for Expo 2015, representing Qatar at the prestigious event in Milan, Italy. She was awarded two residencies at the Center for Contemporary Arts Afghanistan, Kabul, Afghanistan and Turquoise Mountain Institute, Kabul, Afghanistan, funded by the Qatar Museums Authority.

See more of Sabrina Puppin’s art at her website. Explore our upcoming Fine Arts courses here. Follow our updates and stories on our Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram pages!

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