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ContinuEd Project Space: Mare Veen


Visit our ContinuEd Project Space, where we are pleased to present Free Fall, an exhibition of photographs by Mare Veen, who is a recent SVACE student of Keren Moscovitch. This show will be on view throughout May in our exhibition spaces located at 209 East 23rd Street and 380 2nd Ave, 8th floor.

Mare Veen works in photography, video, and writing, with a focus on monologues to accompany her visual art. "A monologue helps me to organize my research on the subject,” she says. "More importantly, however, it allows me to crawl into the skin and deepen my understanding of an individual's feelings with regard to the central theme.”

For her Free Fall project, she writes:

What if you let go? What happens if you live life in a free fall, letting go of yesterday’s worries and tomorrow’s fears. Being is like free falling; you trust and surrender, you move with the wind, you breathe out and let go.

I feel I have to fit in, but I don’t fit. I have a strong desire to ‘just Be’. How can I ‘just Be’? What is that, Being?

For this project I’ve taken on a personal journey looking for answers to these questions. I only touched on the notion of Being. The feeling of Not-Being was personally more present and hence emphasized throughout the journey. During the process I was inspired by philosophers such as Merleau-Ponty and Heidegger who state that humans have forgotten how to Be.

See more of Mare Veen’s art at her website, Instagram, and Ello.

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