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ContinuED Project Space: Jessica Klein


Visit our ContinuEd Project Space, where we are pleased to present drawings by SVACE student Jessica Klein. Jessica exhibits this artwork in conjunction with the Fine Arts: Drawing course Portrait Drawing I with Alphonse Van Woerkom.

this is art of mummy and dady  picture
Drawing by Jessica Klein, SVACE student
This man seems to be up in age.
Drawing by Jessica Klein, SVACE student
A man with a beard stares off into the distance and has a hole spouting out liquid.
Drawing by Jessica Klein, SVACE student
The person is wearing a necklace.
Drawing by Jessica Klein, SVACE student

Jessica writes, "From two heads growing out of one neck to a lone bird exiting an empty, bald skull, my portraits have taken some whimsical turns thanks to the encouragement and inspiration of Alphonse van Woerkom. In the countless number of semesters I’ve taken his portrait class, Alphonse has fanned the flames of my personal weirdness, all the while sneaking in lessons about art theory and technical accomplishment. Combining all three has shown me that you don’t have to take art seriously to take art seriously. I’ve gotten so much from Continuing Education at SVA—including a disembodied clay head that’s staring at me as I write this.”

See more of Jessica's work at her website. Visit us to see this artwork in our exhibition spaces at 209 East 23rd Street and 380 Second Avenue, 8th floor, through the month of March. And see more updates on our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages!

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