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May 13-June 14, 2019
Tuition: $3000
4 undergraduate studio credits

From anatomical studies to landscape painting to the biomorphism of surrealism, the biological realm historically provided a significant resource for numerous artists. More recently, bio art has become a term referring to intersecting domains of the biological sciences and their incorporation into the plastic arts. Of particular importance in bio art is to summon awareness of the ways in which advancing biotechnologies alter social, ethical and cultural values in society.

Coming to the fore in the early 1990s, bio art is neither media specific nor locally bounded. It is an international movement with practitioners in such regions as Europe, the U.S., Russia, Asia, Australia and the Americas. Several sub-genres of bio art exist within this overarching term:

1) Artists who employ the iconography of the 20th- and 21st-century sciences, including molecular and cellular genetics, transgenically altered living matter, reproductive technologies and neurosciences. All traditional media, including painting, sculpture, printmaking and drawing are employed to convey novel ways of representing life forms.

2) Artists who utilize computer software, systems theory and simulations to investigate aspects of the biological sciences such as evolution, artificial life and robotics through digital sculpture and new media installations.

3) Artists employing biological matter itself as their medium, including processes such as tissue engineering, plant breeding, transgenics and ecological reclamation.

This interdisciplinary residency will take place in the new SVA Bio Art Laboratory located in the heart of New York City’s Chelsea gallery district. The SVA Bio Art Lab houses microscopes for photo and video; skeletons; specimen and slide collections; a herbarium; and an aquarium, as well as a library. Each student resident is awarded a private studio space. The residency culminates in a public exhibition.

Demonstrations include microscopy, plant tissue engineering, molecular cuisine and the production of micro ecosystems. Students may work in any media, including the performing arts.

Faculty and guest lecturers have included Suzanne Anker, Mark Bridgen, Heather Dewey-Hagborg, Joseph DeGiorgis, Kathy High, Ellen Jorgensen, Oliver Medvedik, James Walsh and Jennifer Willet.

For more information about bio art at SVA, visit http://bioart.sva.edu

NOTE: A portfolio is required for review and acceptance to this program. Residents who wish to borrow equipment from the Fine Arts Digital Lab are required to submit proof of insurance with rental endorsement, lisitng SVA as a co-insured. Participants will be held responsible for payment of any loss, theft or damage incurred to the equipment. SVA provides information on affordable insurance plans.

For further information or questions regarding SVA's Summer Residencies e-mail residency@sva.edu or call 212.592.2188.

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Facility and Equipment Details

iMac Workstations with the following software
- Adobe CS Master Collection
- Apple Final Cut Pro
- Luxology Modo
- Max/MSP/Jitter
- Microsoft Office
- Processing
- Arduino IDE

Lab Peripherals
- Color and Monochrome laser printers
- Epson 1000XL Flatbed Scanner
- Wacom Cintiq Monitor

Photography and Video Equipment
- Canon Digital Rebel DSLR Cameras
- Canon Vixia AVCHD Camcorders
- Fluid head video tripods
- 3-Way head photo tripods
- Continuous lights for photo and video
- Video projectors

Large format photo printing*
- Epson 9900, 7880, and 4880 printers capable of printing up to 44” wide. 
*Print jobs are processed by our on-staff technician on a pay-per-print basis.

Vinyl Plotter
- Vinyl Express Q100 sign vinyl cutter for cutting paint masking and wall graphics from vector art files
- Plotter is also capable of drawing in ink on paper up to 48" wide

CNC (computer numerical control) Room Machine List
- Epilog Laser 
- ShopBot
- Tormach PCNC 1100 milling machine
- Torchmate 3 CNC plasma cutter
- Rapid prototype machine Z - Printer 450
- Rapid prototype machine Dimension 1200es
- Roland LPX60 3-D Laser Scanner
- FARO Arm 3-D Scanner

- CAD and Organic modeling programs
- Solidworks
- Modo
- Sketchup
- Zbrush
- Maya
- CAM programs
- Vcarve pro
- Masterca

Machine Hand Tools:
- Metabo grinder x 5
- Bosch Pneumatic Staple gun x 2
- Bosch Pneumatic Brad gun x 2
- Festool cordless drill x 16
- Festool replacement cordless batt. X 10
- Festool eccentric sander x 6
- Bosch belt sander x 1
- Festool jigsaw x 9
- Porta cable palm sander x 10
- Metabo heat gun x 8
- Festool rotex sander x 5
- Festool vacuum x 6
- Festool rotary sander x 1
- Festool planer x 1
- Festool triangular sander x 1
- Milwaukee Sawzall x 1
- Weller Soldering Gun x 3
- Festool Circular Saw x 2
- Festool Router x 2
- Metabo Grinder x 5
- Die Grinder x 7
- Fein oscillating tool x 2
- Safety equipment
- Assorted hand tools
-Assorted Measuring tools

Wood Shop:
- Delta drill press small
- Jet drill press large
- Powermatic 24" Band Saw
- Powermatic 14" Band Saw
- Powermatic 12" Planer
- Powermatic 8" Joiner
- 2 Festool sliding compound saws
- Milwaukee panel saw
- Wilton 14" band saw
- Rockwell 14" band saw
- Saw Stop table saw, safest saw on the market. 
- Grizzly 6" belt and 12" disc sander
- Grizzly spindle sander

Metal Shop:
Cutting Metal
- 1 Makita chopsaws
- Baileigh horizontal band saw
- Jet kick shear
- B2 Beverly shear
- Esab Plasma cutter
Welding Metal
- 1 Kempi Tig Welders
- 3 Kempi Mig Welders
- Esab Plasma Cutter
- Lincoln Arc Welder 
Sanding/ finishing metal
- Grizzly Belt/disc Sander
- Grizzly Knife Buffer/grinder
- Baldor Grinder
- Baldor Buffer
- Econoline Sandblaster
Drilling/cutting metal
- Baileigh drillpress
- RF 31 Mill Drill
- Enco metal lathe
- Whitney Punch
Shaping and forming of metal
- Hossfeld Bender
- Baileigh roller 48" 
- Baileigh sheet metal brake
- Pexto 18" roller
- 2 Anvils and various jigs/forming tool

Ceramics Shop:
- 2 Skutt brand electric Kilns, Cone 5 and Cone 10, approx. 27" across x 24" deep
- 6-Brent brand Potters Wheels, Model B
- 1-North Star brand Slab Roller, Big Blue Model
- 1-North Star Extruder, Standard model

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