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SVA TypeLab: THEORY and Practice

Dates: June 26-July 21, 2017
Tuition: $4,000
4 undergraduate studio credits 

The SVA TypeLab summer residency offers a four-week immersive experience in typeface design. The program provides theoretical background and practical experience for designers at all career levels seeking to create dynamic original fonts. Participants design a typeface (either from scratch or by re-drawing a historial typeface; please note that starting with or modifying an existing commercial digital typeface is not allowed) and demonstrate its use in a project of their choosing in any media including film titles, environmental signage, posters, websites, tablet or smartphone apps, books, periodicals, logos and product design.

Special consideration is given to typography's role as a narrative tool within graphic design and other disciplines, including fine art, film, and photography. Lettering and typeface design are explored within their larger social and cultural context as well as in terms of typographic theory and usage, aesthetics, and technology. A focus on generating expressive and individualized alphabets draws upon history, the vernacular, and each student's individual perspective.

The program is structured around interrelated one-week modules of four classes per week. Guest lectures and field trips to a design firm and a hands-on letterpress workshop complement classwork, allowing participants to interact with some of the best type designers in New York City and get acquainted with world-famous design studios. Participants have access to the extensive Visual Arts Library and Design Archives. 

Faculty have included: Yomar Augusto, Tobias Frere-Jones, Jessica Hische, James Montalbano and Daniel Rhatigan. Guest lecturers have included Gail Anderson, Matthew Carter, Claudia de Almeida, Louise Fili, Steven Heller, Daniel Pelavin, Jeff Rogers, Christian Schwartz, Ben Schott and Nick Sherman. Program Coordinator: Angela Riechers. 

PREREQUISITES: Participants must be established creative professionals, or undergraduates who have completed their junior year of study, with demonstrated fluency in typography. Participants must supply their own laptops (Macintosh) and software (FontLab, RoboFont, or Glyphs).

For more information about SVA TypeLab, visit http://typography.sva.edu/

[SVA TypeLab] provided a great opportunity to learn about type design theory and get expert, practical instruction from all-stars in the graphic design/typography world. 

What I learned in [SVA TypeLab] about understanding the construction of individual characters and their historical context allows me to make more intelligent and informed decisions when designing.

[SVA TypeLab] was unforgettable. It has been one of the greatest, most inspiring adventures I’ve ever embarked on. I took a risk of leaving everything behind for a month, to do something I’ve never done, see things I didn’t know existed, in a country I’ve never been to before, and the greatest city that I now call home. Wonderful peers, tutors and guest lecturers. Challenging, career-changing work. 

For further information or questions regarding SVA's Summer Residencies e-mail [email protected] or call 212.592.2188.

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