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PhotoGlobal is a one year program for international photographers to share in the vast creative opportunities that the School of Visual Arts and New York City has to offer. The post-baccalaureate certificate program fosters work of the advanced photographer through critique, lectures, museum and gallery visits and a dialogue with faculty and other participants.

  • Participate in an individual critique class and a contemporary photography seminar, along with three electives of your choice.
  • Features a lecturing faculty that, individually, has shaped the discourse of contemporary American photography
  • Multi-cultural and international learning experience that will enhance the knowledge and understanding of both the resident undergraduate students and those who will gather from various parts of the world

PhotoGlobal is a full-time, 30-credit program, which offers international participants the opportunity to work in technologically advanced facilities with renowned photographers.  

Founder: Stephen Frailey

Seminar Leader: Marc Joseph Berg

Critique Faculty: Peter Garfield

For additional information please contact: 


Tel: 212 592 2357

Previous and Future Speakers and Artist/Lecturers
  • Tina Barney
  • Elinor Carucci
  • Roe Etheridge
  • Joseph Maida
  • Roxana Marcoci / The Museum of Modern Art
  • Vik Muniz
  • Eva Respini / The Museum of Modern Art
  • Jody Quon / "New York Magazine"
  • Dan Graham
  • Olaf Breuning
  • Eric Weeks
  • Michael Smith


Program Information
Dates: September 2014 - May 2015
Tuition: $28,140
Health Insurance: $650 (waivable)
Lab Fee: $1,175 per semester
Housing Cost: $9,300 to $13,500
Housing Deposit: $800 (includes $500 security deposit $300 placement fee)
Other Expenses:

$7,260 (estimated costs for other expenses such as food, transportation and supplies)
Tuition, fees & housing charges typically increase 4 to 7 percent each year.

This school is authorized under Federal law to enroll nonimmigrant students.

Program Overview

Photo Global students will participate in an individual Critique class and a Contemporary Photography Seminar. Students must also choose three additional electives each semester from the department’s course catalog to satisfy their remaining credits.  Photo Global students are expected to engage and elevate class dialogue alongside the department’s student body.  Although the emphasis will be on content of the work, a broad range of technical classes will be available, both digital and traditional.

The program features a lecturing faculty that, individually, has shaped the discourse of contemporary American photography. In addition to the full resources of the BFA Photography Department, the resources of other departments are available on an individual basis.

As an international location for photographic practice and dialogue, New York City offers infinite opportunity and information, and the community of SVA a threshold for that experience. The goal of the Photo Global program is a multi-cultural and international learning experience that will enhance the knowledge and understanding of both the resident undergraduate students and those who will gather from various parts of the world.

The Photo Global Prize

A PhotoGlobal prize is awarded annually, in partnership with the Hyeres Festival in Villa Noailles, France. The prize is a scholarship award that provides full tuition in the Photo Global Certificate Program.   The prize does not include department fees or living expenses, and housing is only provided if available by request.  Candidates are chosen during the festival based on a portfolio review and interview process.

Grants Available

Limited grants are available based on both need and merit. All grants cover tuition expenses, but do not include departmental fees or living expenses.  Housing is included only if available by request.  Detailed information is available on the Photo Global application form.

Frequently Asked Questions

What academic degrees are required for admittance?

Decisions regarding acceptance are based primarily on quality of the work and the statement. Although it is preferable to have academic experience and to be conversant with advanced thinking, no specific degree is required.


What kind of work will be selected?

We are interested in as plural and diverse group as possible.


How quickly are the admissions decisions made?

The applicants will be notified approximately two to three weeks after the application deadline.


How many applicants will be accepted into the program?



Why a program for international students?

As international boundaries become increasingly porous, we are interested in engaging in a global discourse about contemporary photography, and encouraging a multi-cultural community.


What are the visa requirements?

After all financial information is received and deemed acceptable, a Form I-20 will be issued. For more information regarding visa application procedures, please visit the International Student Office or contact iso@sva.edu.


What is a certificate program?

After scrutinizing the program, the state of New York has granted SVA the authority to confer a certificate designating the successful completion of the course, and the equivalent of 30 credits.


What housing is available for international students? Is single housing available?

Housing is available for students in one of SVA's numerous facilities. Limited single housing is available on a first come first serve basis.


What is the campus like?

SVA is an urban campus consisting of twelve buildings spread throughout the east and west twenties in Manhattan, encompassing Gramercy Park and Chelsea.


What is SVA?

The School of Visual Arts is the largest independent art school in the United States. For over fifty years, the school has been premised on creating a community of professional and influential artists to instruct and inspire the future professional community in all areas of art education.


Do I need medical insurance?

Students are required to be covered by medical insurance while attending the School of Visual Arts. If you do not have a plan that will cover you in the United States, student health insurance is available at a very reasonable rate.


What will a typical week be like?

The seminar class, a critique class in which ongoing bodies of work are discussed, frames the week. Lectures and critiques by visiting artists are part of the week, as well as a class in contemporary photographic issues. Elective classes are also part of the academic fabric of a typical week.


Who are the faculty?

The faculty is chosen for their prominence and influence on contemporary photography, as well as their skills as educators. The faculty also represents a cross-section of practice and thinking about photography.


What facilities are available?

The full breadth of the most advanced photographic technology is available, including studio, darkroom and digital facilities, as well as all formats of camera.


What elective classes are available?

Classes in the technical, business and theoretical aspects of the medium, as well as critique classes covering most genres of photography, which include the following examples:

Writing About Photography

Photography Since 1960

Art and Commerce

Social Documentary

Photo Bookworks

Editorial Photography

Survey of Portraiture

Advanced Fashion

Location Photography

Form and Concept


What photographic equipment is necessary to bring?

The equipment that one feels comfortable working with. Otherwise, all other types of equipment are available to borrow.


Will I have my own studio space?

Shooting studios are available by reservation.

Past Participants


Namsa Leuba, Switzerland, www.namsaleuba.com

Monique Pelser, South Africa, www.moniquepelser.com

Alberto Sinigaglia, Italy, www.albertosinigaglia.net

Gerardo Vizmanos, Spain, www.gerardovizmanos.com

2011 - 2012

Amina Altamimi, Saudi Arabia

Charlotte de Mezamat, France, www.charlottedemezamat.com

Anouk Kruithof, Netherlands, www.anoukkruithof.nl

Andrew Moynehan, UK, www.andrewmoynehan.com

Keren Shavit, Israel


2010 – 2011

Jean Bettingen, Luxembourg, www.jeanbettingen.com

Simon Lewis, Australia, www.lewisphotography.com.au

Monica Lozano, Mexico, www.monicalozano.com

Dhruv Malhotra, India, www.dhruvmalhotra.com

Maciej Markowicz, Poland, www.maciejmarkowicz.com

Marco Scozzaro, Italy, www.marcoscozzaro.com


2009 – 2010

Clare Bottomley, UK

Barbara Broder, Switzerland

Emmeline de Mooij, Netherlands, www.emmelinedemooij.com

Matthew-Robert Hughes, UK, www.matthewroberthughes.com

Dan Keinan, Israel, www.dan-keinan.com

Quentin Shih, China, www.quentinshih.com

Saana Wang, Helsinki, Finland, www.saanawang.com


2008 – 2009

Rachel Louise Brown, UK, www.rachel-brown.com

Audrey Corregan, France, www.audreycorregan.com

Shuruq Harb, Palestine, www.shuruqharb.com

Matthieu Lavanchy, Switzerland, www.matthieulavanchy.com

Stefanie Pluta, Germany, www.stefaniepluta.tumblr.com

Alex Sing, Australia

Rui Vilela, Portugal, www.ruivilela.com

Han Zeng, China, www.zeng-han.com


2007 – 2008

Martin Adolfsson, Stockholm, Sweden, www.martinadolfsson.com

Somayeh Bardai, Tehran, Iran

May Heek, Netherlands, www.mayheek.nl

Jesus Jimenez, Mexico City, Mexico


Countries Represented:

Sweden • Iran • Netherlands • Mexico • United Kingdom • Palestine • Switzerland • Germany • Australia • Portugal • China • Israel • Finland • India • Poland • Italy • Luxembourg • Saudi Arabia


Matthew-Robert Hughes, UK, 2010

My time in the Photo Global programme and in New York was fantastic. I benefited from being part of an extraordinary year of immense talent, experience and extremely different outlooks and opinions. This was at its best in weekly critiques, where some intense and valuable debates were held, but also sharing the experience and the creative playground of the world’s biggest art scene. SVA boasts a fantastic faculty, and probably the best facilities and most helpful staff you are ever going to come across, which is open from 8am- 3am on weekdays!! This allowed me to work around my individual schedule, shooting work in studios, editing video work, printing in the darkrooms or on the huge Epson printers. I left SVA and New York, with a new outlook, bringing my work to the next level, and friends and invaluable contacts that I will have for life. New York is now certainly my second home.


Emmeline de Mooij, Netherlands, 2010

The Photo Global Program gave me the opportunity to intensify my work process by having the access to the broad scale of facilities and knowledgeable teachers SVA offers.


Quentin Shih, China, 2010

I really enjoyed the Photo Global program at SVA, it helped me to focus on my fine art work and I learned a lot from other artists from around the world. I miss the time in the classroom, museums, and artists’ studio visits.


Dan Keinan, Israel, 2010

Living in a new country, being part of an international artists’ group, and willing to be open, learn and listen, against my pride and experience, led it to be the most meaningful choice I’ve made in my life. This residency has given me the opportunity to explore different fields within myself and my tool of expression, photography, and led me to perceive and experience this world in different eyes.


Rachel Louise Brown, UK, 2009

My time at Photo Global was the most significant year of my life to date. Not only did I move to a country I had never been for the first time, but I was exposed constantly to art, thought, critique and learning. It was self-building for myself and for the informing of my work. Opportunities that opened up in New York would never have happened, I would never have found the place I eventually want to call home, the art scene I want to be a part of and friends I have made for life. Without the PhotoGlobal residency I may never have fallen in love with my work again and be studying the Masters at the Royal College of Art now. Thank You Photo Global, I will be forever indebted.


Stefanie Pluta, Germany, 2009

Photo Global was a great learning experience, which made me stronger and more persistent in a personal and artistic way. The great resources the school and the city have to offer have broadened my mind and gave me further perspective towards my artistic practice.

Shuruq Harb, Palestine, 2009

Photo Global was an intense learning experience that helped me identify my artistic interests. I did not realize the impact of the whole experience until I went back home. It was great being in New York and meeting with a diverse group of artists, curators and thinkers.

Rui Vilela, Portugal, 2009

Photo Global is a unique chance to work with fellow artists from around the world, while connecting with the most exciting professionals in New York City.


May Heek, The Netherlands, 2008

I wanted to make a new start by taking a risk, to leave behind the trusted surroundings of my home country and to meet other international artists while studying in New York City. The School of Visual Arts Photo Global program offers a highly creative and critical environment, which fosters personal growth while developing individual projects. It is both supportive and culturally diverse, where students can share their knowledge with each other.


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