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The program gave me more background on what works, when and why, which I now apply on a more subconscious level in my work.

Country of origin: The Netherlands

In which Residency Program(s) did you participate?
Lens and Screen Arts: The Still and Moving Image, 2012

What led you to participate in the Summer Residency Program? 
I wanted to do a residency abroad, to learn more and get new, different input (I have a BFA in photography and did a lot of courses on video over the years). I came across this residency, which was perfect for me since it combined video and photography. I do that too in my work, but I have always been taught by either filmmakers or photographers, but never combined! So I was very curious to this. I set a reminder for the application date on my computer and phone, and as soon as I could, I applied! Also, I love New York City, so was very excited about staying there in a non-touristy way.

What was the best part of your experience at SVA?
The total immersion! 4 weeks with a lot of photography and film, by both doing it yourself and looking at others, with people who enjoyed this as much as I did. The days were full and diverse, and I loved it! On the one hand, there's the practical track, where you have to make your own work. This means a lot of ciritques by different people, but also a lot of explanation on technical stuff, like filming with a DSLR, sound, light, editing. On the other hand, you have more theoretical classes by two very different, complementairy teachers about photography and film, with a lot of examples/excerpts and a lot of discussions. Great combination! An interesting extra I learned about was the difference in culture. I thought the perception of video/ photography/ art in The Netherlands (Europe maybe?) and the USA would not be very different, but it is. And this all takes place in the middle of Mahattan!

How did the Residency Program contribute to your development as a professional artist? 
The program gave me more background on what works, when and why, which I now apply on a more subconscious level in my work. For instance, I make both videos and photos, and now I can make a better judgment on when to use what. It also affected the way I look at the work of others. This was the first time I was taught in the combination of photography and video. Before this program, I had already started combining the two by putting videos in between photos on the wall in exhibitions. In the work I made during the residency, I literally combined the two in one image, I treated the film-screen as a canvas where different things could be shown in different ways. Since then, I have continued to experiment with this.

What's going on in your studio now?
My work is an ongoing process, I don't work in distinct projects. So I continually create work and experiment with different forms and presentations, sometimes also beyond video or photos. I am still looking for 'my place', to put it that way. I like to do a lot of different things at once, which totally makes sense to me.

Is there anything else you'd like to share about your experiences in the program or after?
I loved it and I hope to do something like this more often!

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