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Learning from my talented peers and lecturers allowed me to take more risks, push ideas and experiment.

Country of origin: Australia

In which Residency Program(s) did you participate? 
Typography as Language: Theory and Practice, 2016

What led you to participate in the Summer Residency Program?
After graduating with a Bachelor Degree in Communication Design, I felt that typography had not been covered in enough detail. I wanted to bridge that gap and learn as much as I could about type design.

What was the best part of your experience at SVA?
Connecting with people and making new friends. We had a small class size so everyone became close and supportive quite quickly. This also meant more time for individual feedback from some of the best type designers in the industry - invaluable!

How did the Residency Program contribute to your development as a professional designer?
It opened up a whole new avenue that I can now apply to future design projects. I can make more intelligent decisions when choosing or designing a typeface. Learning from my talented peers and lecturers allowed me to take more risks, push ideas and experiment. All of these things turned me into a better designer.

What’s going on in your studio now?
Currently I’m making work for three exhibitions. One in Los Angeles and two in Melbourne, Australia. I’m also continuing with freelance design work - most recently I designed covers for a Japanese-inspired notebook company and created apparel graphics for a street wear brand. 

Is there anything else you’d like to share about your experiences in the program or after?
It was an amazing introduction to type design. You learn so much in such a condensed time frame regardless of experience level. Whether it’s being taught in the classroom, listening to a guest lecturer, visiting a studio or participating in a design workshop, each day brings something different and presents new and exciting challenges. Lastly, my recommendation for anyone partaking in the program is to take advantage of other opportunities within SVA - I managed to weave my way into a life drawing class and a risograph printing workshop!

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