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I was looking for a creative space for in-depth exchange of different points of view - positive and negative - to inspire and enhance the development of my work.

Country of origin: Italy

What Program(s) did you participate in?
Painting and Mixed Media, 2011

What led you to participate in the Summer Residency Program?
I was looking for a creative space for in-depth exchange of different points of view, positive and negative, to inspire and enhance the development my work.

What was the best part of your experience at SVA?
The lovely people and artists I met at the program and everything I've learned from them.

How did the Residency Program contribute to your development as a professional artist, designer, etc?
The program helped me to better focalize my goals and to work harder than ever. During the time at the program I also made many connections, one of these brought me to participate to my first gallery show in NY. Additionally I stayed in contact with some of the professors at the residency and they helped me during my application for the MFA; they have been wonderful and of great help.

What's going on in your studio now?
I have a few large works in process that I need to complete by the next month, since I’m getting ready to leave Berlin (where I’ve been working all year) and move back to NY to start my MFA at Columbia University. So the place is still very messy and I still have a lot of work on going, but it needs to be completed very soon.

Is there anything else you'd like to share about your experiences in the program or after?
I would like to thank the artists-professors I met during the residency, in particular Andrea Champlin and Steve DeFrank. They have pushed me and helped me to better understand and challenge my work, I learned a lot from them.

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