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Year graduated: 2009

My favorite class at SVA was Design Studio because we were given many different project types to work on which was helpful in determining our interests and strengths as designers. We had a lot of freedom to explore ideas, without the constraints of having a real project budget for example. Project types ranged from semester to semester. One year we were given a daycare center in Africa and a corporate office in NY and the next we were assigned a restaurant or a museum in Times Square. These assignments enabled us to design and plan every aspect of an interior from the plumbing fixture locations and specifications to the wall and ceiling layouts and the furniture and finishes.

One of my favorite teachers was my second year Design Studio Professor, Larry Berger because he taught me how to plan a space, layer after layer of trace paper.

One of my most interesting assignments was… My thesis project was very interesting. Everyone got to choose their project’s scope, concept and location. All the students submitted very different projects. It enabled us to be very creative and produce great work that was different to what we had done in previous years.

What’s the best thing about attending college in New York City?

Going to college in NYC is one of the best decisions I made. However it is not for everyone. If you’re looking for a traditional college campus it’s not for you. In NYC the city is your campus.  Here you are exposed to the world, its culture, citizens, food, art and design amongst many other things. SVA helps you develop professionally and NYC helps you grow personally. If you plan to live and work in NYC in the future it makes sense to study and work at internships while you are in school. This will allow you to be recognized and meet people in your industry while you are in school. It makes getting a job when you are out of school a lot easier.

Did you make any connections at SVA that helped you with your career? Please describe.

Yes, I made many connections. All my professors either owned firms or worked at some of the most recognized architectural design firms in NYC and worldwide. Not only did they know a lot about the profession but they also helped me get exposure and internships at these firms.

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