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SVA Makers Market @ Renegade Craft

Saturday, November 17
11am - 5pm
Metropolitan Pavilion, The Suite
123 West 18 Street, 2nd Floor

SVA's Makers Market joins forces with Renegade Craft for a one-day showcase of exclusively alumni-made items such as apparel and accessories, furniture, jewelry, housewares, stationery, self-published books, zines and comics, plus more.

SVA’s Makers Market is a DIY product fair highlighting the creative, entrepreneurial spirit of SVA alumni, bringing together some of the brightest talent in craft and design.

See below for details on how to apply. 

How to Apply

SVA alumni are invited to apply to be a vendor with SVA Makers Market @ Renegade Craft. You must be an alumnus of SVA, and your work must be original and hand-made.

Applications will be juried by a group of SVA staff and faculty, who will review them carefully and choose the alumni who best meet our criteria to participate.

Those who are selected will be notified shortly after the submission deadline has passed. If your work is selected, you must be available in (or be able to travel to) New York City to participate in-person on Saturday, November 17, 9:30am - 6:30pm. You are also required to pay a table reservation of $100; this fee is tax deductible and will be donated to the Alumni Scholarship Fund in support of student awards.

Apply at sva.edu/makers-market/apply 

Applications open Monday, August 6

Deadline to apply is Friday, August 24 at 11:59PM EST

Event Details
Saturday, November 17, 2018
Metropolitan Pavilion
123 West 18 Street, 2nd floor (Metropolitan Suite)
New York, NY 10011

Fair hours: 11am – 5pm
Installation: 9:30 – 11am (all vendor participants must be at the fair by 10am)
Removal: 5:00 – 6:30pm

Questions? Contact Dan Halm at [email protected]

Previous Vendors

Agatha Atelier - Sunyoung (Agatha) Park (BFA 2014 Computer Art, Computer Animation and Visual Effects) 

AK CATS: Coney Island Ave Collection - Amy Klein (BFA 2006 Photography)

ARGENT NYC - Adrien Dacquel (BFA 2011 Illustration)

8-Bit Bacon - Ki Yan (Karen) Ip (BFA 2016 Design)

Art of Ange & Cait - Angela DeVito (BFA 2014 Animation) and Caitlin Fogarty (BFA 2014 Animation)

B is for Beguez - Alexandra Beguez (MFA 2015 Visual Narrative)

Bakline - Rob Schnabel (BFA 2003 Advertising) 

Bananna Bones - Anna Santaguida (BFA 2011 Illustration) 

Baron Fig - Joey Cofone (BFA 2013 Design)

Basic Bitch Candles - Chris D'Acunto (BFA 2009 Advertising)

Beast Quality Stamps - Keat Teoh (BFA 2010 Illustration)

Bijoux Art - Bunny Tobias (1963 Fine Arts) 

Mark Bischel: Illustrator - Mark Bischel (MFA 2000 Illustration as Visual Essay)

Broderpress - Shannon Broder (BFA 2011 Visual and Critical Studies)

Canal Street Counterfeit - Eric Perez (BFA 2009 Graphic Design) & Nikolai Shorr (BFA 2011 Advertising)

Carrier Pigeon - Matt Barteluce (MFA 2010 Illustration as Visual Essay) & Russ Spitkovsky (MFA 2009 Illustration as Visual Essay) 

Cave Work - David Hollingsworth (BFA 2004 Graphic Design)

Chaimi Studio - Iris Xing (MFA 2016 Photography, Video and Related Media)

Coffee & Chocolate Milk - Kun-I Chang (MFA 2007 Computer Art)

Dan Cooney Art - Daniel Cooney (BFA 1998 Cartooning) 

Cuculi Designs - Jessica Moral (BFA 1999 Cartooning) 

Dana Stirling & Yoav Friedlander - Dana Stirling (MFA 2016 Photography, Video and Related Media) and Yoav Friedlander (MFA 2014 Photography, Video and Related Media)

De Islas - Junko Shimizu (BFA 2003 Illustration) & Elena Wen (BFA 2003 Illustration)

Dream Trash - Dan Perrone (BFA 2005 Photography)

Dwarf Star Design - Astrida Valigorsky (MFA 1996 Photography and Related Media)

Elastic Magazine - Pik-Shuen Fung (MFA 2015 Fine Arts) 

Endless New York - Mark Bischel (MFA 2000 Illustration as Visual Essay)

Even Keel - En Qi Tsao (BFA 2011 Graphic Design) 

famousonmars - AnnaLiisa Ariosa-Benston (MFA 2016 Fine Arts)

Federico Muelas Inc. - Federico Muelas (MFA 2002 Computer Art)

Fire & Bone, LLC - Jason Bakutis (BFA 2011 Computer Art, Computer Animation and Visual Effects)

Fuzzy Poet by Drew Gold - Drew Gold (BFA 1995 Illustration)

Give Them Hair - Fitgi Saint-Louis (BFA 2011 Graphic Design) 

Eric Hamilton, Illustrator - Eric Hamilton (BFA 1990 Media Arts; MFA 1993 Illustration as Visual Essay) 

HARROWkid - Dominique Palladino (MFA 2015 Fine Arts)

M. Benjamin Herndon - M. Benjamin Herndon (BFA 2012 Fine Arts) 

Honizukle Press - Kimberly Costa (BFA 2004 Animation) 

i-K wearables by Ketta Ioannidou - Ketta Ioannidou (MFA 1999 Illustration as Visual Essay)

Instant Rabbit - Boyeon Choi (MFA 2013 Illustration as Visual Essay)

Jam Wu Art - Jamilla Wu(BFA 2015 Illustration)

James L. Barry Art - James L. Barry (MFA 2004 Illustration as Visual Essay)

Joey No - Joe Nowaczyk (BFA 2004 Cartooning)

Katvan Studios Inc. - Rivka Katvan (BFA 1979 Photography) 

Kitschn.Co - Jocelyn Tsaih (BFA 2015 Design)

LaythamLaytham - Anna Laytham (BFA 2013 Design) & Ella Laytham (BFA 2013 Design)

Lili Almog Studio - Lili Almog (BFA 1992 Photography)

Little House of Colors - Lauren O'Leary (BFA 2004 Illustration)

Lock & Spoon - Emily Langmade (MFA 2013 Fine Arts)

Michael Delia - MADMBIRA - Michael Delia (MFA 1987 Fine Arts)

Matt White Jewelry - Matthew White (MFA 2008 Fine Arts) 

Gianna Meola - Gianna Meola (BFA 2014 Illustration) 

Messy Desk Design LLC - Chris Dimino (BFA 2002 Graphic Design) 

Mike Brennan Art & Design - Mike Brennan (BFA 1994 Graphic Design)

Nana & Minju - Nana An (BFA 2011 Illustration) and Minju Sun (BFA 2015 Illustration)

Nightsnack Club - Hui Chen Ou Yang (BFA 2015 Design) and Shirley Huong (BFA 2016 Design)

Paco Levine Designs - Paco Levine (BFA 1983 Fine Arts)

PIXIU - Ellen Su (BFA 2013 Computer Art, Computer Animation and Visual Effects) 

Proof Positive Press - Robert Herman (MPS 2009 Digital Photography)

RAISHA - Raisha Friedman (BFA 2016 Illustration)

Rhizosphere Prints - Sally Bozzuto (MFA 2013 Photography, Video, and Related Media) 

Richard Clarkson Studio - Richard Clarkson (MFA 2014 Products of Design)

Risa Horiuchi Illustration - Risa Horiuchi (BFA 2013 Illustration)

Rocio Salceda - Rocio Salceda (MFA 2008 Fine Arts)

Russell Calabrese Artwerks - Russell Calabrese ( 1976 Film and Video)

Scheuer Ceramics - Philip Scheuer ( 1981 Illustration)

Schpoingle - Daniel Allen (BFA 2007 Animation)

SciArt Magazine - Julia Buntaine (MFA 2014 Fine Arts)

Scott Bluedorn - Scott Bluedorn (BFA 2009 Illustration) 

Sculpture & Flame - Hrafnhildur (Habby) Magnusdottir (Osk) (MFA 2009 Fine Arts) 

Seil Smith Illustration, Etc. - Ashley Seil Smith (MFA 2014 Illustration as Visual Essay)  

Shelli Can - Shelli Martinez (BFA 2007 Graphic Design)

Siamese Twins Jewelry - Jenna Salvagin (BFA 2011 Photography) 

SMOOSH Bath & Body - Ashley Pearsall (MFA 2012 Computer Art)

Soluna Soluna, Inc. - Lillian Lee (MFA 2011 Design)

Soybaby - Patrick Rafanan (MPS 2015 Fashion Photography)

S-PSARROS Jewellery - Stephanie Psarros (BFA 2010 Fine Arts) 

Studio Llama Llama - Kaori Sakai (BFA 2009 Graphic Design) 

The Take a Stand Project - Hay Wan (May) Shek (MPS 2012 Branding)

Trouble Makers, Inc. - Lucy Knops (MFA 2015 Products of Design) and Julia Plevin (MFA 2015 Products of Design)

Twelve Ton Rose - Steve Hamilton (MFA 2015 Products of Design) 

Ultracultural Others - Katie Cercone (MFA 2011 Fine Arts)

V.Germy - Vanessa Germosen (BFA 2003 Illustration)

Welles & Graham - Brittany Bartley (BFA 2008 Photography) 

Wishbone Letterpress - Danielle Bliss (BFA 2005 Graphic Design)

Ying Graphic - Rui Ying (Eunice) Huang (BFA 2006 Graphic Design)

Zine Hug - Alexandra Barsky (BFA 2013 Computer Art, Computer Animation and Visual Effects)

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